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Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming service, now lets you watch replays on the web

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming service, now lets you watch replays on the web

by AshwinJune 24, 2015

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming service, now lets you watch replays on the web.


If you aren’t aware of live streaming services on Twitter, allow me to explain.

Earlier this year, an app called Meerkat was launched for iOS devices. The app let users use the device’s camera, to stream live videos directly to the user’s followers on Twitter. The was a phenomenal hit amongst users and journalists.

A similar app was released by another group. This app was called Periscope, and did the same job as Meerkat. But soon after Meerkat’s debut, Twitter acquired Periscope, and what followed is regarded as highly unethical and selfish.

Twitter cut-off Meerkat’s access to its social graph, and this posed serious problems for the app. Followers would no longer receive notifications when a user begins a live stream. So, Meerkat added an option, which allowed the user to announce that a live stream is about to begin.

Periscope allows replays on the web:

Periscope’s service has a great advantage, it allows replaying video streams. But only for 24 hours. Up until now, this feature was only available in the mobile apps. But it is now available for Web browsers too. You can click on a Periscope link on your desktop’s browser, and watch the video. But even web replays are limited to 24 hours, since the video was streamed.

Why did Twitter prevent Meerkat from being a success?

Twitter has been infamous for killing third party apps. The social network notoriously does so by restricting APIs available to developers, and also has user token limits. Once an app hits a limit, it can no longer authorize more users to login to Twitter.

Similarly, a popular app called TweetDeck, was acquired by Twitter a few years ago, and all of its mobile apps and the much loved TweetDeck for desktop app were shut down. TweetDeck still exists in a rather poor form, as a web app (browser version).

Obviously Twitter did not want Meerkat to succeed, as it could prove to be a hindrance for Periscope. And the latter, has access to social graph, as it is an official app.

Twitter’s big headache:

Periscope has a huge issue, and Twitter may not be able to handle it well. The issue in question is piracy. Many instances were reported, when usersbegan to live stream paid media content like TC shows and Sporting events, and Twitter was at the receiving end of backlash from TV companies.

Twitter’s policies does state that users are prohibited from rebroadcasting copyrighted content, and violating the Terms of Service will result, in the banning or suspension of the account.

The announcement about Web Replays was made from Periscope’s official account on Twitter.