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Piriform CCleaner 5.13 update brings improved cleaning for Opera, Chrome, and Windows 10 Registry

Piriform CCleaner 5.13 update brings improved cleaning for Opera, Chrome, and Windows 10 Registry

by AshwinDecember 21, 2015

Piriform has released a new update of its popular cleaning tool, CCleaner, which brings the version number to 5.13.

Piriform CCleaner 5.13
Once again the developers have not added any new features to the app. The new version, just like its predecessor, happens to be focused on improvements to the cleaning modules.

CCleaner’s ability to clean the media cache in Opera and Google Chrome browsers has been tweaked to work better. And the cleaner app now offers better support for the Mountain View company’s browser, in that it can handle Extension Cache and the general browser Cache more efficiently.

Piriform CCleaner 5.13 now has improved support for cleaning the Registry in Windows 10. This brings up something to my mind. We have seen any reports recently, which claim that Windows 10 automatically removes both of Piriform’s apps (CCleaner and Speccy), stating that they are incompatible with the OS.

Some users claim they got a notification in the Windows 10 Action Center, after the PC finished upgrading the operating system. While some others did say that they experienced BSODs (Blue Screen of Death).

This is in fact bizzare, (the part about the removal of the apps), since we have been using them with Windows 10 for a long time, without running into any major issues or BSODs.  This includes upgrades from one build to another, and in no instance did Windows 10 remove the apps. Hopefully, the latest version of CCleaner, will improve the app’s compatibility in Microsoft’s newest operating system, on such PCs.

Piriform says that it has also improved the Auto-Update checking of CCleaner, and also support for Unicode text, in v5.13 of the app. The cleaning app has also received some optimizations in the architecture of the 64-bit build version.

Note: CCleaner has a universal installer, in that the setup process, detects your PCs build architecture and installs the correspoinding one on it automatically.

There aren’t any noticeable visual changes to the UI of CCleaner, despite the change-log of v5.13, mentioning minor changes to the app’s interface.

Download Piriform CCleaner 5.13 (v5.13.5460) from the official website. Since the company normally releases monthly updates for the application, it is likely that 5.13 is the last version of CCleaner, we will see in 2015, as we head into the holiday season.

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On a side note, Piriform recently released an update for its system monitoring tool, Speccy 1.29, which fixes the compatibility of the app on Windows 10 PCs, and also added support for Intel’s newest Skylake and Broadwell processors.