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Piriform CCleaner 5.14 adds support for managing browser plugins

Piriform CCleaner 5.14 adds support for managing browser plugins

by AshwinJanuary 27, 2016

Piriform CCleaner has been updated to version 5.14, which happens to be the first monthly update in 2016.

Piriform CCleaner 5.14

The popular system cleaning application now has a rather useful addition.

And that would be the Browser Plugins section, which you can find in the Tools Tab. Technically this isn’t a new feature. The option was previously available under the Startup section.

And back in June 2015, Piriform CCleaner 5.07 was released, and it added the option for managing Firefox Webapps, aka Mozilla Firefox add-ons. The moving of this feature to its own individual section suggests that not many people were using it, thanks to the option being hidden away in a rather strange place.

Startup is for managing Windows Startup options, which are related to apps which run upon system boot up. People don’t look in that place, to manage which add-ons run when you start the Browser. So clearly, the new section is a much better place, and hence could be used more than it ever was.

In addition to managing Firefox’s add-ons, you can also use the Browser Plugins section, to check and disable the browser extensions you have installed in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It’s actually quite useful,  to view all add-ons listed out in one place.

Piriform CCleaner 5.14 also improves upon the cleaning of Google Chrome and Opera browser session cleanings. And the same can be said about cleaning the cache of TeamViewer and PDF Creator.

One of the app’s many utilities, Disk Analyzer has also been improved to better function while scanning for files. This should not be confused with the analyze option in the program’s “Cleaner” section. That one reports how much data (clutter) can be cleaned by the program. We are not talking about that.

Rather the option we are discussing here, is  the one placed under the Tools tab > Disk Analyzer. Running the tool scans your hard drive and delivers a report on how much space is used by a particular file type (Pictures, Music, Docs, etc).

CCleaner 5.14 also ships in some improvements related to have exceptions are handled,this is the part where the files which you have whitelisted (to be prevented from deletion) are stored. And yet again there are some undisclosed bug fixes, UI improvements as well as some translation improvements as well. We couldn’t really spot any of those, and so it is likely that they are not of the greatest importance.

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Download Piriform CCleaner 5.14 from the official website.