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Piriform CCleaner 5.44.6575 fixes some issues with IE and Firefox, adds reminders for Professional subscriptions

Piriform CCleaner 5.44.6575 fixes some issues with IE and Firefox, adds reminders for Professional subscriptions

by AshwinJune 27, 2018

Piriform CCleaner 5.44.6575 is out, and this is the monthly update of the program for June 2018. There are a few bug fixes, and a new feature.

Let’s see what it fixes. The latest version of the application, will clean cookies which were stored by Internet Explorer in the INetCache folder. This only affects users running the application on a  Windows 10 computer. 

The latest update to CCleaner also fixes an issue with Mozilla Firefox. Users who were using the Firefox Malwarebytes extension, found that CCleaner wasn’t cleaning the data from the browser.  For those unaware, this add-on was released in January this year, for Google Chrome and Firefox and helps prevent malicious websites. Apparently, there was some compatibility issues with the Malwarebytes add-on caused by a bug in CCleaner, which has now been patched in the updated version of the application. 

The other change which Piriform CCleaner 5.44.6575 brings to the table, is exclusive to users of the Professional version. If you had previously subscribed to the Professional edition, and your subscription validity has run out, the application will now display reminders about the expired subscription. You can then decide whether to renew the subscription or not. 

Remember our article about the CCleaner Privacy Menu which was introduced in version 5.43.6520 back in May? Piriform had issued an update for it, just a couple of days later. This was version 5.43.6522. The only change in this update was actually related to the feature which was added in the prior version. 

We had pointed out in the article, that the setting in the menu, to opt out of the analytics, was not working. The toggle for the option wasn’t greyed out, it simply wasn’t working at all, i.e. It was not clickable. We thought that this was because the option was only available for Professional users. But, it doesn’t seem to have been the case. 

Some users had asked the company to clarify about this privacy setting, and Piriform after listening to their feedback, immediately amended the Privacy menu to allow users using the CCleaner Free version to include opt out of sharing usage data with third parties. It is always nice to see companies acknowledging user feedback and doing the right thing. 

Piriform CCleaner 5.44.6575

And there is actually some more good news, Piriform has already updated the CCleaner builds page to include the portable version of CCleaner 5.44.6575. So, you can download it or the regular installer right now.