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Piriform CCleaner 5.06.5219 adds support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 12

Piriform CCleaner 5.06.5219 adds support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 12

by AshwinMay 28, 2015

Piriform CCleaner 5.06.5219 adds support for Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 12.


If you are a Windows PC user, chances are that you have used or at least come across an application called CCleaner.

As the name suggests, it is an app capable of cleaning several areas of the operating system and apps that you use on it. Most importantly, it is used to clean the browsing history, sessions and cookies from browsers. This is a highly recommended step which helps keep users safe from tracking cookies, as well as giving users some privacy.

Piriform CCleaner 5.06.5219 adds support for Microsoft Edge:

CCleaner was updated to version 5.06.5219 recently.  I noticed the update on Softpedia. With the latest version of the app, the browser which is present in Windows 10 Technical Preview, as Project Spartan is also supported, except CCleaner lists it as Microsoft Edge. You will find it under the Windows tab within the app.

The browser only recently gained the option, to allow users to view the browsing history and remove items from it in Windows 10 Build 10122. So, it is understandable as to why the support for cleaning Edge, was added in CCleaner, only now.

This is what the Windows tab in CCleaner looked like prior to the version 5.06.5219 update:


As you can see, Project Spartan is missing from the list of Windows components.

And, this is what the Windows tab in CCleaner 5.06.5219 looks like:



Additionally CCleaner 5.06.5219 brings improvements to the cleaning of Mozilla Firefox sessions, and Google Chrome Download History,  system restore detection routine,  keyboard navigation as well as other bug fixes and improvements.

I have been using CCleaner for a very long time, ever since the days of XP. It has evolved in to an irreplaceable app for me, and several of its users today. Besides the ability to clean temporary files, the recycle bin, Windows system areas it also cleans space used by third party Windows Apps.

CCleaner can also clean the Windows Registry, and even has a backup option, which I recommend before you clean the Registry, in case anything goes awry. The application also has a tools section with several tabs which lets you remove programs installed on the computer, analyze the hard drive for big files, find duplicate files, and more.

Download CCleaner for free from the developer’s website. It is also available in a portable ZIP format, which is quite useful if you want to carry it on a USB flash drive.

Note: CCleaner has a tricky installation process, in that it offers to install Google Chrome, if it finds that the browser is not present on the PC.  The option is enabled by default, and you will have to manually uncheck the option to install Chrome, and you are good to go.