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Piriform CCleaner privacy menu allows you to disable analytics and offers

Piriform CCleaner privacy menu allows you to disable analytics and offers

by AshwinMay 25, 2018

If you like me, are a regular user of Piriform’s system cleaner, you may have noticed the new CCleaner privacy menu in the latest version of the program. This happens to be the second update for the popular¬† tool, which is quite rare to be honest.

Piriform is known to usually stick to a monthly update schedule for CCleaner, but about a week ago things changed slightly. The Avast owned company released version, and this update was dubbed as an “Important Fix For Chrome”.

The reason? Well the previous version (5.42.6495), released almost a month ago, was found to be causing critical errors related to Chrome. These bugs resulted in Google Chrome users losing their entire profile. So, any data tied to the profile, like the passwords, bookmarks, settings, etc would be lost.

It is a good thing Piriform updated its cleaning application fix this issue. And now to the latest version, v5.43.6520 that brings the CCleaner privacy menu. Click on the options tab in the side-bar and you will see a new Privacy menu. This menu has two options:

Allow usage data to be shared with 3rd parties for analytics purposes

Show offers for our other products

Surprisingly, neither of the check-boxes for the options are clickable. We are not sure why they aren’t working.¬† Perhaps they are some placeholders for a future version. We are not quite sure about that yet.

In addition to the menu, the latest version of CCleaner also addresses an issue with the Windows 10 April Update. The Font Cache cleaning option has been disabled temporarily, allowing Piriform some time to fix some incompatibility issues, with Windows 10’s widely criticized update.

The only other change which the version update brings, is the level of detail displayed on the Cleaning Results screen, after you run the cleaner. You can now select what data you want to see there.

Piriform CCleaner new Cleaning Results screen

There are 2 sections displayed: Privacy and Junk with an icon and the number of files which were removed from each of those. The “Show Advanced Report” option will show you the list of data cleaned from each application, which is basically what the screen looked like by default in prior versions.

There is no portable version which has the CCleaner privacy menu, as of writing this post. The CCleaner builds portal doesn’t even mention a portable build, possibly because the last version available was the one which had some issues with Chrome.