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Piriform CCleaner v5.07 update brings improved cleaning for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, adds start-up management for Firefox Web Apps

Piriform CCleaner v5.07 update brings improved cleaning for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, adds start-up management for Firefox Web Apps

by AshwinJune 25, 2015

Piriform CCleaner v5.07 was updated today, and brings several improvements, along with some new features.


The renown system cleaner utility was updated to v5.06.5219, a month ago.

CCleaner v5.06 added support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 12. And today’s CCleaner v5.07 update, improves upon cleaning for Microsoft Edge (Spartan / IE 12) .

Apart from that, the new version also brings improved cleaning for Google Chrome Internet Cache and Session cleaning. Windows 10 Recycle Bin and Delayed cleaning support have also been tweaked to perform better.

Adobe Reader DC (Document Cloud) cleaning has been introduced in CCleaner v5.07. The update also adds a new option to manage Mozilla Firefox.  CCleaner v5.07 comes with start-up management for Firefox Web Apps.

If you are confused by the name, don’t worry, Web Apps is just a fancy term for Add-ons and Plugins in Firefox. You can access it by navigating to CCleaner’s main screen > Tools > Startup > Firefox.

This is what the Firefox Web Apps Start-Up manager in CCleaner looks like:


Highlight an Add-on by selecting it with the mouse, and click on the Enable, Disable or Delete buttons on the right. Or just right-click on one of the listings and select one of the available options, from the context menu.


As you can see from the above image, one of the add-ons is grayed out, this signifies that it has been disabled.

You can also save all the add-on information to a text file, and also open the folder containing the add-ons. But these are advanced options and should not be used by normal users, as the folders contain files related to Firefox profiles, deleting which could prevent the browser from functioning normally.

While Firefox itself has built-in Plugin and Add-on managers, on rare occassions, the browser may not start-up. In these circumstances, this new module in CCleaner could potentially be a handy solution. If you wish to delete an add-on, first disable it, and then check if Firefox works well. I would however recommend using Firefox’s built-in tools normally.

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes:

Piriform says that the update also includes some minor improvements to the GUI, but I cannot spot the changes at first glance. CCleaner v5.07 also includes some bug fixes as well, and the developers say that they have also updated some translations for the interface of the app, but the change-log does not reveal what they are.

V5.07 also supports domain accounts better, with an improved Skip UAC function.

Download CCleaner v5.07 from Piriform’s website.