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Piriform CCleaner v5.08 adds improved support for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge Cleaning and more

Piriform CCleaner v5.08 adds improved support for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge Cleaning and more

by AshwinJuly 24, 2015

Piriform has announced the release of  CCleaner v5.08 which adds improved support for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge Cleaning and more.


Let us take a look at the major changes in the latest version of the app.

Windows 10 Compatibility:

First up is the compatibility support for Windows 10 Build 10240. While CCleaner has been working in all versions of Windows 10, it is likely that changes Microsoft may have done some changes to the system files which could prevent any app from functioning normally, so it is nice to see that they have released an up-to-date app for the latest build of the operating system.

Better support for Microsoft Edge:

CCleaner v5.08 also improves the cleaning of the cache and saved passwords, in Microsoft Edge. Piriform had already added support for cleaning Microsoft Edge back in may with the release of CCleaner v5.06. And a notable addition in version 5.07, released a month ago, was the support for managing Firefox Add-ons

Both v5.06 and v5.07 displayed the options for the new browser in Windows 10, under the “Project Spartan” name, because that was the app id used by Microsoft until the launch of Build 10158, released last month, and officially

Changes in the Professional version:

The Professional version of CCleaner v5.08, now includes Browser Monitoring support for Edge. Speaking of browser support, CCleaner should now have better cleaning of sessions in Opera 30. Another feature added exclusively to the Pro version of the application, is the Open CCleaner option, which is now available from System  Monitoring and Browser Monitoring modules.

Miscellaneous Changes:

New additions to CCleaner, includes support for cleaning of the popular PDF viewer app, Foxit Reader 7,  and also for RealNetworks’ cloud-photo sharing service RealTimes. Piriform CCleaner v5.08 update also improves the cleaning of Avira Antivirus, BlueStacks and Media Player Classic applications.

The developer’s blog also states that the latest iteration of the app brings improvements in various translations, minor GUI Improvements (which are elusive, at least to me), and minor bug fixes, although it doesn’t mention what the bugs were. CCleaner v5.08 also includes better support for Include and Exclude Wildcards, which you can add under CCleaner’s Options.

Note:  In case you aren’t aware, Wildcards are characters used in custom rules to perform actions. It is useful for advanced users.

Download Piriform CCleaner v5.08.5308 from one of the mirrors on the official website. But I recommend getting the file from the builds page on the Piriform website, since it houses two variants of the app, a regular installer and a portable one.