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Piriform CCleaner’s registry cleaner may be the reason why Microsoft hates it

Piriform CCleaner’s registry cleaner may be the reason why Microsoft hates it

by AshwinDecember 26, 2015

Back in October, Microsoft opened a controversial door, by publicly mocking Piriform CCleaner.

Piriform CCleaner 5.13

We are referring to the Channel 9 show, where the Redmond company’s Gov Maharaj, singled out the popular cleaning app’s presence on a user’s PC.

These were his words, ” CCleaner is … how do I put it mildly”, looking to add something, before which his host stopped him by saing, “Don’t… let’s just move on!”.

This of course blew open arguments all over the web by users of CCleaner. We have also been using the app for several years, mostly to clean browser junk, but also use its other components from time to time. Microsoft has even toed the line pretty much, by removing CCleaner and Speccy, from Windows 10, when users upgraded to the new operating system.

We came across an interesting report on Softpedia, which said that Redditors were arguing over why CCleaner has been receiving some bad publicity of late. The thread in question, which fired up yesterday, is actually quite a read, with 113 comments (at the time of writing this post).

Many of the comments, including the top voted one, agree on one point. CCleaner’s registry cleaner is useless, and and so are any other registry cleaning apps. They says that this is because cleaning the registry, does nothing to affect the performance of the computer. And in fact, it may cause more harm than good.

One of the comments on the thread, was from a Microsoft employee, who goes by the username, DrPreppy. It was in reply to the registry cleaner issue, and this is what it said.

This seems like a great question to ask of the CCleaner team, as they should be aware of the bugs/problems their software has or has not introduced over time. Everybody else likely is just going to be speculating. :\

The other issue with the app is that it clears out the Search Index in Windows, and also that of Cortana, which to some user’s, ruins their user experience.

To be fair, we do use CCleaner’s registry cleaner, but only to find which apps leave a remnant entry after an uninstallation. Normally we use Revo Uninstaller to monitor these, but CCleaner does spot invalid entries and does offer to back them up before deleting. It is not because we want to improve the performance of the PC, but to actually eliminate issues related to the app, which was uninstalled.

That being said, singling out CCleaner, without any giving explanation, seems a tad reckless, if not unprofessional. Hey it’s not like Windows is bug free, on the contrary, you know what I mean.

So, do you use a registry cleaner app? Has it really helped your PC’s performance? Share your opinions on this with us by dropping a comment below.