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20% OFF Plesk Coupons & Promo Codes

20% OFF Plesk Coupons & Promo Codes

by FileCriticMarch 31, 2020

For two decades, Plesk has consistently ranked among the best web hosting control panels in business. Not only does it provide an improved user experience with centralized domain management, but it also places immense emphasis on security via improved encryption protocols, and even offers massive flexibility and control through the use of first-party and third-party extensions. The end result — maximum value and increased productivity. And it doesn’t matter what your specific needs are — whether it’s basic domain control or full-fledged site management, Plesk has three tailored editions (Web Admin Edition, Web Pro Edition, and Web Host Edition) that you can choose from. If that interests you, then read on to learn what edition may suit you the best.

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Web Admin Edition

If you want to manage simple websites and domains, then Plesk Web Admin Edition should suit you well. Although it offers just the bare essentials of domain management, you still get the Plesk Power User View, which makes maintaining websites, email accounts, and other services a breeze. You will also gain access to the WordPress Toolkit, which makes the installation and maintenance of WordPress on any domain incredibly convenient. And for those of you on the move, the Web Admin Edition even provides you the Plesk Mobile Center so that you stay in control at all times. Furthermore, you are fully secured from hacking, botnets, and DDoS attacks with Cloudflare technology, which is just incredible functionality to get from a base package. The Plesk Web Admin Edition does limit you to 10 domains, but with the features that you get, you can hardly complain.

Web Pro Edition

The Plesk Web Pro Edition provides a massive leap in functionality over the Web Admin Edition, and is geared towards customer and account management. If you are an individual or business selling shared and dedicated hosting accounts but don’t have the necessary resources to implement your own IT infrastructure, then the Web Pro Edition should be ideal. It not only offers subscription and account management services, but it also provides the complete Plesk GUI with Power User View and Custom View functionalities. The presence of the WordPress Toolkit also facilitates mass deployment of WordPress onto domains. When it comes to security, the Plesk Web Pro Edition comes with ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp, and is further bolstered by Cloudflare’s own DDoS protection capabilities. It features support for up to 30 domains.

Web Host Edition

When it comes to comprehensive web hosting, there’s nothing out there quite like the Plesk Web Host Edition. It offers the same core features as the Plesk Web Pro Edition, but also adds reseller management into the mix. So not only does you business gain access to the deployment of service plans and subscriptions, but you can implement reseller plans and subscriptions quite seamlessly as well. Also included is the ability to convert customer accounts into reseller accounts and vice versa, which makes this edition all the more exciting. And better yet, Plesk Web Host Edition also features support for an unlimited number of domains, which is just incredible. If you want massive flexibility and utmost control over your hosting business, then this is it.

Additional Toolkits

Plesk also provides you with four toolkits (WordPress, SEO, Joomla, and AWS) that you can add separately to super-charge your experience. With the WordPress Toolkit, you can easily install WordPress onto any domain or subdomain, and even test out new features in a sandboxed environment before publishing them (do note that the Web Pro Edition and the Web Host Edition comes with the WordPress Toolkit built-in). On the other hand, the SEO Toolkit provides you with just about everything that you need to know to maximize search engine traffic, using features such as the SEO Advisor, Site Audit, Rank Tracker, etc. And then there is the Joomla! Toolkit, which enhances security against attacks while improving domain maintenance and management. Finally, the AWS Toolkit allows you to install and manage extensions that integrate with Amazon Web Services, thereby allowing for massive control and enhanced flexibility.

Additional Feature Packs

Plesk’s feature packs can be easily installed and added onto any edition, thereby immensely improving the base functionalities. The Business and Collaboration Pack, for example, lets you keep control of everything related to your business with options such as WordPress Smart Updates and Acronis Server Backup. And then there is the WordPress Pack, which turns your servers into a full-fledged WordPress Manager. Moving on, you have the Hosting Pack and the Power Pack, which includes a combination of features such as Plesk Multi Server, Cgroups Manager, and DNSSEC. Finally, there is the Additional Language Pack, which installs multiple languages and make language-related barriers to your business a non-issue.

Control At Your Fingertips

Plesk delivers outstanding web hosting management capabilities that you can easily tailor to your specific needs. The Web Admin Edition works best for developers and IT administrators who prefer simplified management controls over limited numbers of domains, while the Web Pro Edition and the Web Host Edition allows for unprecedented control over every minute aspect of web hosting, be it subscription management, account management, or reseller management. Put in the Plesk toolkits and feature packs into the mix, and you can easily customize your specific edition even further. If you are looking for a flexible web hosting control panel that can satisfy a variety of needs, then look no further.

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