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PowerArchiver 2015 Review

PowerArchiver 2015 Review

by February 2, 2015

PowerArchiver 2015 Review

File archivers belong to that class of software without which is very difficult to imagine normal and fully functional working with files. They help you greatly reduce the size of the files and save a lot of computer space. There are several popular file archiver and compressor utilities on the software market nowadays and each of them is positioned by their developers as the most convenient tool for compression and decompression of any type of files. Power Archiver 2015 is one of them.

So, let me describe it briefly in this review.

Download and Installation

The installation file can be downloaded from the official site; its size is about 33 MB.

There are three different versions of the program- Standard, Professional and Toolbox.

The Standard version includes all necessary features which are more than enough for ordinary users. The Professional and Toolbox ones have got some useful additional features such as file encryption, support for cloud services, inbuilt backup utility and some others.  (Toolbox version contains four features which are not present in the Professional one, i.e. Virtual Drive, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Burner, etc.). The full comparison list you can find on the official site. The price of the program is $ 22.95, $ 34.95 and $ 49.95 respectively and it is available in more than twenty languages.


The installation process is very fast and quite easy. After extracting all necessary files you will be greeted with Setup Wizard window. Just click Next and choose some additional options by the program and specify a file location. That is all. In a minute the program will be installed.

The trial version includes the features of all three versions and you can try it for 30 days. After that you may choose the most preferable edition- Standard, Professional or Toolbox.

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 4


The interface of the program is designed in so-called metro style. The main menu consists of seven tabs- Home (it contains all the necessary tools for working with archives, i.e. creation of new archives, decompression of the archives, search, etc.); FTP (for working with FTP protocols); Backup (for creating backup copies); Burner (for burning archives to the disks); Tools (it contains some very useful tools for encrypting, converting, etc. archives); View (here you can configure interface style, appearance of the icons, skins, etc.) and Options (it includes some configuration options of the program).

A distinctive feature of the interface is its high customization. You can easily change the appearance of the program. There are a lot of interface styles and display options.

Main Interface

Ftp Tab

Home Tab

Backup Tab

Burner Tab

Tools Tab

View Tab

Options Tab

Main features of the program


The program has got an inbuilt FTP manager which includes all the necessary and standard set of functions. It supports all the well-known protocols FTP, SFTP, FTP + TSL explicit and FTP + TSL implicit and AES encryption methods. In the configuration menu you can additionally customize FTP profiles, connection, security and transfer mode.



The program allows you to create backup copies of your files and save them in Power Archiver auto-backup script PBS. This tool is extremely useful if you have not got a special backup program installed on your system because it helps you to restore accidentally deleted data.


With the help of the program you can burn created archives directly to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks. The program allows you to perform the following actions:

Burn Image

Copy disk to disk

Erase Disk

Create a new disk image

Create a Virtual drive.



Encrypt Files

If you have got a lot of confidential and sensitive files which contain secret information you can take full advantage of this tool. By using it, you can protect your files and greatly reduce their size.

Encrypt Files Window is divided into five small parts:

Add File and Folders (it allows you to access and add files and folders through Windows Explorer into the program);

Destination File (it allows you to group all files into one single file or encrypt them individually);

Destination Format (it allows you to select the desired archiving format for your encrypted files- ZIP, 7-ZIP, PAE, PAE2 or OpenPGP);

Encryption and Compression Options (the program allows you to encrypt files using different encryption methods, for instance, AES 256-bit, Rijndael AES 128 bits, Blowfish 128 bits, Twofish 128 bits, and so on); select the preferred compression format (ZIP, 7-ZIP or TAR), method (Optimized, LZMA, LZMA2, PPMd and Store) and Compression (Ultra, Maximum, Normal, Fast and None);

Destination Folder (it allows you to leave unchanged file’s current folder or customize it by choosing other destination folder).

After customizing and setting up all options, just click on the Encrypt button and enter the desired Password in the next open window. That is all. Now all your files are protected from prying eyes and will never be opened without your permission.

Encrypt Files Window

Encryption methods 2

Decrypt Files

The main goal of this tool is to decrypt previously encrypted files, i.e. speaking in other words, unprotect or unlock the archive. Everything is extremely simple and clear here; just specify the path to encrypted archives, select the desired actions and finally enter the password.



The program allows you to sign files with OpenPGP (short for Pretty Good Privacy). Everything is performed quickly by using three easy steps: Step 1– Select files and folders; Step 2– Select signer and signature extension (SGN or ASC); Step 3– Enter passphrase.


In this section you can verify and open previously signed OpenPGP files.

Archive Converter

The program has got a very useful tool for converting an archive file from one type to another. Power Archiver helps you to convert to one of seven formats (ZIP, 7-ZIP, CAB, LHA, BH, TAR and RAR). Additionally you can specify compression speed (from Ultra through Normal) compression method (for instance, Deflate, LZMA, XZ, and so on) and create solid archives (for 7-ZIP and RAR files only).

Archivew Converter

Batch Archive Creation

It is a very boring and long task to create archivers for each file individually. You can greatly simplify that task by using this special tool. The program allows you to choose as many files and folders as you wish and process them simultaneously in a batch. The advantage of this tool is evident; it saves a lot of time and makes the file archiving process very easy and fast. The only thing you need is to select files and folders, specify destination format, compression speed and method. Power Archiver will do the rest for you.



It is another very useful tool of the program. Are you tired of extracting multiple files individually? So try this tool; it allows you to extract as many files as you want in a batch.


SFX Wizard

The program has got a special module for creating SFX (short for Self Extracting Archive) archives, i.e. such kind of archives which does not require any special software for extracting them; they work as simple files with EXE extension. It is very convenient and easy to operate these archives. Just click on them and they will be opened immediately. The program offers additional configuration options for creating SFX archives, namely, select compression format (ZIP SFX, CAB SFX or 7-ZIP SFX), compression speed and protect them with the password, etc. (see the screenshots below).





Power Archiver supports file encoding using four popular Internet encode methods- Uuencode, XXencode, MIME and uENC. In addition the program allows you to select the desired volume size and span encoded files.

Merge Multi-Volume Zip

With the help of this special tool you can merge individual spanned ZIP archives into one single ZIP archive. The program can deal with archives up to 2 GB in size.

Write Multi-Volume Zip

It happens very often that you have got one big archive file and want to split it into several smaller parts in order to upload them to the Internet. This great tool will help you to manage this work easily. The program allows you to select the desired size (for instance, CD-ROM 700 MB or DVD 4.7 GB) and mode. After performing all needed actions you will be able to burn all files to DVD and CD or send them via Internet and attach to the mail, and so on.

Repair Zip Archive

With the help of this tool you can repair damaged ZIP archives; just select a broken archive and click Start. The program will thoroughly scan it and try to fix all problems and make it usable.

Additional Features

Among other things it is worth mentioning about the following useful features of the program:

Virus Scanner– you can integrate an antivirus program installed on the system into the program and check all downloaded archive files for viruses.

Preview Window

The program allows you to view files directly without extracting them. It supports a lot of text, image, media and Internet formats (see the screenshot below).

Cloud Service

You can use well-known cloud services for file sharing, for instance Azure, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.


You can enrich the program functionality with the help of special plugins, for example, Outlook plugin, etc.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, Windows Server 2003-2012

150 MB of hard disk free space

Hardware requirements are minimal.


Power Archiver 2015 makes it easy and convenient to perform any action with the archive files; you can create, open and extract files; add files to archives and create self-extracting or multi-volume archives; recover and fix damaged ZIP archives and much more including a built-in FTP client with the ability to upload and transfer files through encrypted protocols.

Power Archiver 2015 is a very powerful and multi-purpose program for the Windows operating system and surpasses a lot of other similar applications. It supports a huge variety of formats-ZIP, RAR, and so on.

The great advantage of the program is that it has got an inbuilt viewer for graphic and text files; so you can view them directly within the archive without extracting them and without any external program.

In addition the program supports AES encryption, virus scan with the help of default antivirus program installed on the system, etc.

On the whole Power Archiver has proved itself to be pretty good. Rich functionality, seamless integration with the Windows Explorer, perfect compression and decompression speed, etc. make Power Archiver undoubtedly one of the best program on the software market.







Huge support of many file formats
Integrated FTP client
Cloud services
A lot of additional tools
And many others


I have not found any. The program works perfectly

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Power Archiver is a great utility for file compression and decompression. It offers a lot of unique tools for seamless working with archive files.

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