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QTTabBar lets you browse File Explorer with tabs

QTTabBar lets you browse File Explorer with tabs

by AshwinFebruary 29, 2016

One of the most popular features in Windows is the File Explorer.


The built-in application, also commonly known as the File Manager, serves one purpose.

The very thing it is named for, managing files and folders. But it has evolved over the years. The UI of the application has changed quite a bit. From a normal one in Windows XP to Windows 7, the File Explorer has been “improved” in more ways than one, from unzipping files without any need for installing an application for that.

Did you know that you mount an ISO in Windows 10 without the need for any third party software?

Yet there is one missing feature which no version of Windows has had. Care to take a guess? Tabs. Yes, the same feature which you are familiar with in your browser. Of course, to navigate and move files and folders, one needs to have multiple windows of File Explorer, which can not only be confusing, but also clutter your PC.

This is what QTTabBar eliminates. The application adds tabs to File Explorer, allowing you to browse as many folders as you want to with just one File Explorer window.

Remember HashTab? It’s a shell extension program, which does not have a UI, but adds to the functionality of File Explorer. QTTabBar is likewise a shell extension, so don’t expect it to be launched from the desktop or the Start Menu.

Download QTTabBar from the official website, and install it on your computer. You have to reboot the PC or log off (both have the same effect essentially). Once you have done so, you will first need to enable the QTTabBar. To do that, open File Explorer and click on the View button in the Ribbon UI. Select the Options tab, and choose QTTabBar from the list.

QTTabBar enable

To open a tab you can click on a folder with the Middle-mouse button,  or left click twice with Ctrl key held down, or using the key combo Ctrl + Enter. This will add the new folder to the tab bar. This tab bar has an X button in each tab which you can use to close tabs, or use the middle-mouse button to do the same.

QTTabBar also has several more features which can read about at the official page.


Free (no-ads)
Greatly improves the utility of File Explorer
Supports Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7
Available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit


Might be a little buggy at times