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Raspberry Pi 2 gets a new Pi-Top Laptop kit for $300

Raspberry Pi 2 gets a new Pi-Top Laptop kit for $300

by AshwinApril 2, 2015

You have probably heard of Raspberry Pi, it is the World’s cheapest computer, and was launched for just $25, and has sold over 5 million units.


The Raspberry Foundation released Raspberry Pi 2 for $35 in February, this year.

This is what the Pi 2 looks like:

Raspberry Pi2

As you can see, the computer does not have a casing. There are several DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos and articles which will show you how to build your own desktop, or laptop using a Pi. But not everyone would be comfortable with using it as it is. I mean just because its dirt cheap, it doesn’t mean you can’t protect it, right? What if the Pi 2 had a proper chassis, or even better, what if you could convert it into a laptop. That is exactly what the Pi-top laptop kit does.

The Pi-top kit transforms the Raspberry Pi 2 into a full fledged laptop.

The kit includes the following components:

  • A 13.3-inch screen
  • A Battery
  • A Trackpad
  • A Mousepad
  • Laptop Casings
  • A Raspberry Pi 2 (optional)

You can see the first image in this article to see what a finished Pi-Top kit looks like.

The kit comes in two prices, a full kit including the Raspberry Pi 2 costs $299.99, while the kit without the motherboard costs $264.99. The difference is $35, which like I said earlier, is what the Pi 2 costs. But the price should appeal to consumers who cannot afford expensive laptops, and frankly it is a superb alternative to connecting accessories. The kit allows access to all of the ports on the Pi 2 (for the list of available ports, please refer to the specifications below).

According to Jesse Lozano, the Pi-Top co-founder and CEO, the laptop will provide 8 hours of battery life. You will be able to run a Linux based operating system such as Ubuntu, on the laptop.  Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it will provide a free version of Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2, for the Makers community through the Windows Developer Program for IoT (Internet of Things). So, you can choose to run the OS of your choice.

Raspberry Pi 2 Technical Specifications:

The Pi 2 has a quad-core Broadcom Cortex A7 processor (BCM2836) clocked at 900 MHz, 1GB of LPDDR2 RAM (Low Power). The GPU is a Videocore IV 3d GPU Graphics processor, which is capable of rendering Full HD videos (1080P). IT has 4 USB ports, a HDMI port, an Ethernet port, a microSD slot serves as a storage using memory cards, and GPIO pins.

You can order the Pi-top kit from the official website.