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Raxco PerfectDisk 13 Pro Review

Raxco PerfectDisk 13 Pro Review

by January 4, 2015

Raxco PerfectDisk 13 Pro Review

Imagine that you have a very big room with lots of things in it and everything is scattered about but you are somewhat lazy and do not want to put everything in order. Each day you add more and more things and do not care much about this disorder. Gradually the room is getting dirtier, dusty and maybe even a tad smelly. Eventually the situation will spin out of control.

Something similar can happen on the computers hard disk. If you only ever add files and programs but do not clean it, your Windows operating system will gradually slow until at last things start to go wrong and effect performance. Hard disks need careful attention and maintenance. That means that you must have a good defragmentation program to take care of these misplaced and fragmented files, setting them in a neat and effective order.

Defragmentation can not only make the system respond more quickly, but also aids in preventing overheating and wearing of hard drive components. This in turn can be critical in maintaining a stable and responsive system. Windows has only a very basic defragmentation tool which is not enough for producing high quality disk functionality.

Fortunately, there  are good programs which offer not only basic tools for defragmentation, but also include plenty of other necessary functions. PerfectDisk 13 is such a program! It allows you to avoid any problems concerning fragmented files! It is one of the best programs, in its field, available on the software market.

PerfectDisk 13 is a very powerful program for defragmenting hard disks. It provides a lot of unique and patented methods of defragmentation, not only for HDDs, but also has options for optimizing SSDs. It supports the following file systems : ReFS, FAT 16, FAT 32, exFAT and NTFS. It can handle large volumes including those in the terabytes.

The demo version is fully functional and works for 30 days. It costs $29.99 and can be installed on up to 3 Pcs. You can also buy a total home license for $49.99.

The installation file is not large, only 40MB and the installation process is smooth and easy- no hidden toolbars or other unwanted products!

The program has a lot of settings, but the intuitive interface makes it relatively easy to adapt. The program has six main tabs :

1) Defragmentation

2) StealthPatrol

3) Scheduling

4) Space Management

5) S.M.A.R.T.

6) Dashboard.

The first tab, Defragmentation, has tools for analyzing and defragmenting partitions including those without currently assigned drive letters. It also shows detailed information about the computers HDD and SSD drives status, size, file fragmentation and free space fragmentation. In order to check the fragmentation of the disk, simply highlight the desired disk, and click “Analyze’.

The analysis process will start and after several minutes the program will show a thorough summary of the drive details, drive performance, file statistics, pagefile statistics, metadata statistics, MFT statistics, free space statistics, most fragmented files and system excluded files. This information can also be saved or printed.

The program has five different methods of defragmentation :

1) SMARTPlacement

2) Defrag only

3) Consolidate free space

4) Prep for Shrink

5) SSD optimize.

When you use the SMARTPlacement method, you can place files in accordance with their creation and modification timestamps, which helps to minimize defragmentation in the future. This is the best method of defragmentation because it provides thorough results. By placing the most recently modified files together, instead of being mixed in with those that have not been changed for a while, it keeps the reshuffling of those unmodified files to a minimum during future passes.

The simplified defragmentation (Defrag Only) requires the shortest amount of time to run. Only those files which are fragmeneted, along with a sufficient amount of free space found to make the corrections, are processed. All other files are skipped.

The Consolidate free space method of defragmentation defragments the disk and consolidates free space, but does not optimize it.

The Prep for Shrink method is especially designed “to pack all data to the beginning of a volume”.

The last tool, SSD optimize, is made for Solid State Drives and their unique needs.

The Defragmentation tab has flexible choices for your preferences. You can easily customize each defragmentation method. Just click the Drive Preferences on the context menu and choose the desired option. For example, you can optimize SmartPlacement and Defrag Only methods of defragmentation, exclude files and folders, or get more information about the hard drive and customize alert settings.


The second tab is StealthPatrol. This tab provides opportunities to set up automatic defragmentation. There are two methods of automatic defragmentation- OptiWrite and Auto-Optimization. OptiWrite is perhaps one of the best features available as it helps to prevent fragmentation of newly created files as they are written to the disk! Both types operate in the background. Auto Optimization can be set to run when the computer is idle or when a screensaver is active. You are also able to configure time frames where you do not want Auto-optimization to occur. Just fill in the calendar and choose the desired days or times to prevent the program from defragmenting during those periods.


The third tab is called Scheduling. It is specially designed for scheduling defragmentations. It allows you to name the schedule, to choose a defragmentation method, select the desired hard drive and set up the scheduled time.




The fourth tab is Space Management. It provides information about the Recycle Bin, Duplicate Files and Space Usage.



The Recycler tool provides information concerning files which are eating up your space inside the recycle bin or temporary files folders. After clicking on the Start button, the program will analyze the content of the recycle bin and a number of temporary file locations then give detailed information about the cleaned files.

The Duplicate Finder lives up to its name and checks hard drives for duplicate files or folders. It is a very useful tool because it can be difficult and time consuming to find them all manually. The program intelligently analyzes all the disks and gives detailed information about the files and folders. It supports document files ( txt, doc, docx, rtf, pdf, htm, html, wpd, wri ), picture files ( bmp, jpg, gif, tif, jpeg, png ), video files ( avi, mpg, mov, mp4, mpeg, wmw, flv, swf ) and even music files ( mp3, wav, midi, aac, ogg, wma ). Of course you can customize it to remove or add file extensions.


Space Management provides information about both the used and free space of drives on your system. It presents this information in both graphical and statistical forms. This includes File Types, Files Created, Files Modified, Files Accessed and the top 100 hundred files.




The fifth tab is S.M.A.R.T. (abbreviation for Self-monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). It is designed by Raxco to make use of the hardware monitoring and reporting included on many modern drives. It gives extremely helpful reports about Temperature, overall Health and the performance state of your disks.


The last tab is Dashboard. It provides full information about performance optimizations which have been completed by PerfectDisk. Here you can find information such as the total number of fragments prevented, eliminated and defragmented.



1. Support for newer 'large volume' drives
2. SMARTPlacement technology – a patented method to optimize defragmentation strategies
3. Space Restoration Technology – technology for optimization of free space into as large a block as possible
4. Built-in scheduler for automating practically all kinds of operations
5. Smart ‘Screensaver’ mode
6. File and free space defragmentation in one pass
7. Smart load on the processor
8. Ability to work from the command line with a similar graphical user interface capability
9. Individual file defragmentation
10. Automatic update through the Internet


I have not found any problems with this program. It does what it claims to.

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PerfectDisk 13 is an excellent defragmentation program with plenty of useful tools which are missing in other, similar, programs. It may well live up to its name!

The new version is a great improvement upon PerfectDisk 12. It is now faster and smarter than it was previously.

The constant development of the program has made it the best defragmentation tool available on the software market!

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