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Readit update brings performance improvements, image uploading and more

Readit update brings performance improvements, image uploading and more

by AshwinJanuary 2, 2016

Readit, one of our favorite Reddit apps, for Windows 10 has been given yet another massive update.

Readit Windows 10 Image Album Upload

The app was recently updated to add support for 18 languages, besides English.

Readit now allows you to upload images directly from the app’s post editor, and also allows you to create albums. To do so click the image button as shown in the screenshot above, and select the album option. Images are not resized/cropped and maintain their native resolutions when they’re uploaded.

The sidebar (on the right), has been tweaked to perform better and faster, and now has a dimiss button, clicking on which will close it. To bring it back click on the button in the top right corner.

The Lockscreen wallpaper option (if enabled), will crop and center to fit your devices resolution. The app’s built-in browser has also been fixed to prevent memory leaks, in case web pages use over 90% of RAM.

Speaking of browsing in the app, the settings for the same now has new options for the following:

  • Default Subreddit Filter
  • Default: Past Hour

The latter is the setting, which allows you to set the default filter of top/controversial sorting options.

Performance wise, the app has been tweaked to work faster, This includes loading comments, scrolling comments, loading posts, and even leaving a post page. You can even switch between multiple accounts faster.

Jumping to subs now loads pages faster. The app also added support for Jump lists (right-click context menu), which adds your favorites to the quick access list, in a prior update a few days ago.

Issues related to the app jumping away from posts, when switching accounts has been fixed in the latest version. Now it stays on the page you were last on. Unfortunately this seems to have broken favorite subs, perhaps as it stores it in the account settings.

Download Readit for Windows 10. In case you aren’taware it is a universal app (for PCs, Tablets and Phones).

Calebkeith, the developer of Readit, said in the announcement post, that this update will reset accounts, i.e., you will be logged out of the app automatically. This is apparently due to the numerous changes to the app’s code. He also warned that this may result in bugs, and he wasn’t wrong.

Users have been reporting issues related to the reworked sidebar. Issues reported include overlapping icons,missing ads (or hiding ads for Pro versions). Thumbnails aren’t loading correctly for a few posts.