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Readit Download

by AshwinJanuary 20, 2016

Readit Download

Readit, as the name suggests is a popular Reddit reader application, for Windows 10.

readit download

I spend a lot of my time browsing the website, interesting things to learn about, and sometimes, even topics which I can blog about.

While Reddit on the web, aka browsing the subs on a browser is just fine, it is always good to have a desktop client, which offer plent of themes, and customization options.This is exactly why I use Readit (and a few other apps) for.


The app’s UI like most Windows Store apps, is excellent, and more so because it uses the UWP (Universal Windows Program) guidelines. To the left you have the main navigation options in the sidebar.

The top left corner contains the main button of the app, called “Jump To”. This is what you use to go to any subreddit you wish to. Clicking on the hamburger menu button in the sidebar expands it, allowing you to access the subreddits you have subscribed to (favorites). You can also explore subreddits, and view the trending ones from the expanded sidebar.

In the bottom left of the sidebar are four buttons:

readit left sidebar

Explore Reddit – as described above.

Inbox – This is where you can view private messages which you have sent or received.

Account – This section allows you to manage your account (login/logout), view your profile, including the Karma (link/comment), the contents you have posted on Reddit, how long you have been on Reddit, and how many days are remaining before your next cake day (Reddit birthday, i.e. when you joined Reddit).

readit settings profile

Settings – Allows you to customize the app’s preferences. (explained below)

Right Sidebar:

This sidebar allows you to pin posts to Start, submit new posts, and also search for posts. It pops out only when you click on the button in the upper right corner.

readit right sidebar

Settings (Customization options):

This is probably the second most part of the app, as it houses the options to choose everything, from Live tiles to notifications, the app’s theme, language, update frequency, browsing settings, font, lockscreen, and more.

Another advantage to Readit, is that it has its own sub at r/readit, where the developer communicates with the users of his app. It is actually a hub,where feature requests, feedback and suggestions are submitted and debated, as are bug reports and new version announcements.

Download Readit now, it is a free app supported by advertisements, which can be optionally removed with an in-app purchase. Oh, and there is a mobile version as well, which I also like to use on my Lumia 640.