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Readit for Windows 10 adds support for 18 more languages

Readit for Windows 10 adds support for 18 more languages

by AshwinDecember 22, 2015

Readit for Windows 10 has been updated to add some new features.

Readit for Windows 10

For those of you who haven’t heard of the app before, it is a famous Reddit client, known for the mobile version, and here is a mini review of the PC app.

The PC version of the app made its debut a few months ago. If I had one word to describe it, I’d be torn to choose from Awesome and Gorgeous. Because that’s how good the app is, the onl;y worthy Reddit client available for PCs, and that is something. Check the screenshot above, obligatory cat image featured in the picture (you’re welcome).

The app has a superb Dark Theme, which is enabled by default, and also offers a light theme too. You can enable it from the app’s settings. This is the part where the app excels, as it offers a plethora of customisation options to choose from. You will probably end up spending quite a bit of time on the settings panel to tweak the app to your preference. The sidebar on the left allows you jump through subs.

The latest update to the app adds support for marking messages as read from the notification which pops up. Live Tile users, marking a message as read turn will reduce the tile count. Mods using the app can stick comments from the app’s More menu. Speaking of which, stickied comments will be highlighted by a green square placed next to the poster’s name.

Readit was previously only available in one language, English. But now it supports a total of 19 languages.

Here are the 18 new ones which it added (basically they’re just dictionary languages on your device, which is why you see multiple instances of English and French)

English (US), English (AUS), Spanish, Spanish (MX), Spanish (AR), Serbian, Chinese (Traditional), Ukranian, Portuguese, Portuguese (BR), French, French (CA), Latvian, Romanian, German, Greek, Italian, Dutch and Danish.

The changelog also states that an issue related to settings nor being saved has been fixed.

Download Readit from the Windows Store. It is a Universal app with the low price tag of free, and is supported by ads. As you can see from the picture featured above, there is a “Click to remove ads” button, in the right pane. For some reason the ads aren’t loading on my PC at the moment (seems to be a bug). You can remove the ads with an optional In App Purchase.

Oh, and it does have its own sub on Reddit at