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Recover Keys Review

Recover Keys Review

by July 24, 2015

Recover Keys Review.

You have lost all your license keys due to the computer crash or hard disk failure? I agree that the loss of activation keys is a very unpleasant, more than that, very expensive problem because very often you have to buy new licenses again and, as a rule, a lot of them cost much money.

Just for avoiding such problems there is a program called Recover Keys with the help of which you can scan the system for software keys and back up all of them.

Download and Installation

The demo version of Recover Keys can be downloaded from the official website; it is very small, just 7 MB in size. The program has got a multilingual support (more than 20 languages are supported including English, German, Italian, and so on) and it is available for both 32 and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system (Mac OSX is also supported).

Recover Keys is available for home and personal use on the one hand and for small, medium and large business companies on the other hand and it respectively offers four different license types- Single License (it is an ideal solution for home users and allows them to scan one local and one network PC for more than 6,500 software keys; the price of it is $ 29.95); Basic License (it is of use for home users that have got more than one computer at home and small organization and allows them to scan from 2 to 9 local and network PCs; its price is $ 69,95); Premium License (it is a great choice for small and medium business companies; the number of PCs which it supports is from 10 to 99; in addition, you can also scan several computers at the same time and search for lost software keys remote Mac OSX; its price is $ 149.95) and Enterprise License (it is specially designed for large business companies and in addition to above mentioned features it supports unlimited scan of network PCs and includes command-line and portable versions, too. It is currently priced at $ 299,95).

The installation procedure of Recover Keys does not require any special skills; it is very straightforward, easy and fast. After selecting the installation language, you will be greeted with the Welcome Setup Wizard which will help you to configure all other steps. First of all you need to read and accept the license agreement; then select the destination location (you can leave the default location without changing or choose any other folder). In the third step the program will offer you to select one of three installation types- Full (all components of the program will be installed including support for network scan of Mac OSX), Compact (it will be installed without support for Mac OSX) and Custom (it allows you to customize the desired components of the program). In the final step you have the possibility to create desktop and quick launch icons.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 5

Installation 8

The Interface of the Program

Recover Keys has got a very original and easy to use interface. It consists of a Toolbar and Product Keys List.

The toolbar includes six icons which provide quick access to the most frequent program’s tools; they are as follows:

Export– it allows you to export and save the list of all found license keys in different formats (hotkey- Ctrl + S).

Print Preview– after clicking on this icon a new window appears where you can customize print preferences (hotkey- Ctrl + P).

Select Computers to Scan– it lets you add local or network computers to scan (hotkey- F4).

Refresh List– it helps you to update the list of programs and their license keys (hotkey- F5).

Select Action– it contains a list of those four actions which you can use to scan the computer for license keys (hotkey- F3).

Find Text– with the help of this tool you can find the desired program by typing its name or phrase (hotkey- Ctrl + F).

On the right side of the toolbar there are four additional icons, i.e.

Order Me– it displays a dialog through which you can buy the program or enter the license number (after buying the program it will disappear).

Options– it provides access to the program’s settings.

About– it provides you with info about the current version of the program and links to homepage, technical support, etc.

Exit Application– via this icon you can close the program.

Product Key List of the program is divided into three columns- Product name, License type and Value, i.e. license keys.


The Main Features of the Program

Supported Software– currently Recover Keys supports unbelievably huge number of software applications- 6,523. It needs no saying that it is impossible to mention all of them; I will name only some of them.

Antivirus Applications– Ashampoo Antivirus, Norton Antivirus and Internet Security, Trend Micro antivirus, etc.

Office Applications– Corel Word Perfect, Microsoft Office, etc.

Compression Applications– WinZip, PowerArchiver, etc.

Games– EA, PopCap games, and a lot of others.

Graphic Applications– Adobe Photoshop, ACDSee, Corel Paint Shop, etc.

Of course, I can continue this list, but I think that it is more than enough for understanding that Recover Keys is a very handy and necessary program to restore lost license keys.

Scan for Lost License Keys

What to Scan– with the help of Recovery Keys you can scan local computers (i.e. that partition of the hard drive where the operating system is installed), another HDD or Windows OS (in other words, the program allows you to scan another non-active Windows OS installed on the system), Network computers (the program offers several options for scanning network computers, i.e. you have the possibility to scan only one computer or multiple computers, scan IP range or entire network).

In addition, you can scan for software keys by adding previously saved registry file, registry hive and Adobe cache.

What to scan

How To Scan– by default the program offers a Normal (or Standard) scan mode which is more than enough to find all installed software keys. The duration of the scan is extremely fast; only seconds are needed to complete it.

If you need more advanced scan results, you can take full advantage of Deep scan mode. It performs not only registry scan, but also the entire hard drive for suspicious data entries which may be related to the license keys. That function is activated by default in the program.

Recover Keys offers a very interesting scan type called Shotgun mode scan; it allows you to scan the whole Windows registry including HKEY_Classes_Root, HKEY_Current_User and HKEY_Local_Machine. After finishing the scan, you have the possibility to copy results and send them to the support team. This scan type is specially designed to help the developer to expand the database of supported programs.

In the Settings menu you can customize some scan options, namely, disable or enable deep scan mode, configure network parameters, activate Mac OSX scan, specify scan filters, etc.

Owners of the Enterprise License can enjoy some additional features such as command-line supports and portable USB version.

How to scan 1

How to scan 2

How to scan 3

How to scan 4

Export Features– Recover Keys supports a lot of different formats for exporting a list of found license keys; you have the possibility to save it in HTML, Text file, Comma-separated file, XML, Microsoft Word or Excel, Rich Text format and PDF. While exporting to PDF format, the program allows you to configure some options, i.e. Export Settings (fonts, JPEG compression for images), Pages (i.e. you can export all pages or specify the desired ones), Document Information (i.e. title, subject, etc.) and Security (i.e. you can create a password to protect PDF document from unauthorized viewing and using on the one hand and restrict some features, for example, printing, etc. on the other hand; in addition, you can select one of two encryption methods- PC 4: 40 Bit or RC 4: 128 Bit).

Export 1

Export 2

Print Preview– Recover Keys has got an advanced inbuilt print window which allows you to add footnotes, title, page numbering, background and date and time to the document; In addition, you can also configure page properties (i.e. A4, Letter, etc.), Margins, headers and footers, alignment, and a lot of others.

System Requirements

Windows NT- Windows 10

No other specific requirements


Recover Keys is a very useful and handy application designed to protect activation keys installed on the system or on remote computers in the event of the system crash or hard disk failure.

Recover Keys performs a thorough scan of the system and provides you with detailed information about all installed license keys. The program supports more than 6,500 software products. All found keys can be printed (with the help of inbuilt print preview window) or exported to a variety of formats, for example, Microsoft Word, PDF, and so on.

Recover Keys has got a very user-friendly and well-designed interface, so even beginners will not find any problems with it.


1. It supports more than 6,500 software applications
2. It offers several scan modes
3. Found license keys can be exported to variety of formats or printed.



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