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Reddit will switch to HTTPS at the end of June, will offer site-wide encryption

Reddit will switch to HTTPS at the end of June, will offer site-wide encryption

by AshwinJune 18, 2015

Reddit will switch to HTTPS at the end of June.


The news sharing and social networking website announced the news on its web portal today.

HTTPS isn’t a new addition to Reddit. The website has been offering the option, for almost a year. Users had to manually enable it, but soon, the website will enforce the secure protocol for all users beginning June 29th.

Reddit has announced that HTTP will no longer be available. So, even if you click on a HTTP URL leading to the website, it will automatically be redirected to HTTPS.

This gives some much needed privacy to the community-powered website. It really is hard to pin Reddit with a particular genre, I suppose you could call it a forum, but that doesn’t do it justice either.

The Verge reports that users who connect to Reddit over SSL, will be visible as visitors. This essentially means that users can’t be tracked by third parties, due to the encryption. Another advantage of using HTTPS, is that attackers will not be able to inject any malware.

If you want to enable HTTPS in Reddit now, you can do so from your Account’s Preferences, or just use the secure link

However, please be aware that Reddit does have some issues with HTTPS, as its web certificates cause errors to pop-up, especially in Google Chrome. Reddit says it is working to fix these issues, ad update its certificates. It couldĀ  possibly be one of the reasons in not rolling out HTTPS now, with another reason being user feedback.

HTTPS websites have authentication certificates which the browser detects, this essentially makes it a fool-proof method, ensuring that the user is on the original website, and not a redirected or malicious domain.

Reddit has confirmed that its users will not be able to disable HTTPS, and go back to using HTTP. It also says that any slowdowns reported, mostly in Firefox, is a browser related issue. In fact the issue in question was reported to Mozilla over 5 years ago, and has still not been fixed.

HTTPS is becoming exceedingly popular nowadays. Google has been using HTTPS since 2011. Microsoft recently announced that it would enable HTTPS by default for all search traffic on its Bing search service. Other examples of websites using HTTPS are Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The HTTPS roll out is a site-wide move, i.e all sub-reddits (pages) are also protected by the new security protocol.