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Rollback RX Professional Review

Rollback RX Professional Review

by August 7, 2015

Rollback RX Professional Review.

There is no doubt that we like taking photos because they stop time and immortalize the happiest seconds in our life. It is cool to open a photo album and roll back to the past, remember those happy seconds and forget current difficulties. Rollback RX Pro works in a similar way. It helps us to take snapshots of the system when it is in a perfect state and then roll it back if something unpleasant and sad things happen. I am sure you will agree with me that it is great to enjoy perpetual stability and functionality of the operating system. With the help of this application your PC will be always in order.

Download and Installation

Rollback RX Pro is a creation of software development company Horizon DataSys which was founded in 1998. The first version of the program was released about ten years ago, in October, 2005, and the latest one 10.3 two months ago. Now it is considered to be one of the best programs on the software market intended for safe and reliable restoration of the Windows operating system.

Rollback RX Pro is available in three different versions:

Home– it is absolutely free and includes only the basic features but they are more than enough for ordinary home users because contains everything what is needed to create snapshots with just one click of the mouse and restore the system from them.

Professional– with the help of this version you can do practically everything because it includes everything.

Server– it is intended only for servers.

The trial version of the program is fully functional and it can be used at no cost and without any limitation for 30 days.

Rollback RX Pro is available for download from the official Horizon DataSys website and it is distributed as a ZIP file which includes installers for both 32 and 64-bit versions and remote management console application.

The program is multilingual and it currently supports ten languages- German, English, Spanish, etc.

The installation procedure of the program goes smoothly and straightforwardly. After selecting an install language, you will be greeted with Welcome Setup Wizard. After that you have to accept the license agreement, select setup type (i.e. Typical– only the most common settings will be installed; Custom– it is required for multi-boot system and allows you to customize some settings; and Unattended– it is used for mass deployment and the program will be installed automatically with the default settings). During the installation you will be asked to activate the program; if you have not got the license, just activate the demo version.

Installation 1

Installation 4

Installation 5- Custom

Installation 7

The Interface of the Program

The interface of Rollback RX Pro is very convenient and easy to use. All tools and commands are well arranged and understandable; even an unexperienced user will be accustomed to it in seconds.

At the top of the program’s window there is a Menu Bar that consists of three buttons with drop-down menus:

Common Tasks– it contains tools for rolling back the system, recovering files, exploring and creating snapshots.

Tools and Settings– it provides access to the main program tools such as snapshot defragmenter, system security, etc. and settings.

Help– through this button you can visit the official website of the program, view user’s guide, activate the license, etc.

Interface- Home

The main window of Rollback RX Pro is divided into two panes; on the left side there is a Tools pane and on the right there is an Info pane where is displayed information about snapshots, event logs, etc.

The Tools pane consists of five buttons with the help of which you can perform various operations:

Home– it provides you with information about your hard disk, the number of taken snapshots, scheduled tasks, etc. on the one hand and two shortcuts for rolling back the system and creating a new snapshot on the other hand.

Instant Recovery– in this section you have the possibility to restore the system, recover corrupted files and explore a snapshot.

Snapshots– it contains a list of all taken snapshots. You can view detailed info about each snapshot, i.e. its name, size, type, status, creation time and age on the one hand and perform various operations with your snapshots, i.e. defragment or filter them, etc. on the other hand.

Task Scheduler– in this section you can automate the process of taking snapshots by scheduling their execution time.

Event Logs– here you can find information about all tasks performed by the program.

Interface- Instant recovery

Interface- snapshots

The Main Features of the Program


Nothing is perfect in this world; everything may become unusable and get out of order. Of course, that is applicable to the Windows operating system, too. It seems probable that it will not boot due to the system or hardware failure and a virus attack. Just for avoiding this unpleasant accident, the program Rollback RX Pro allows you to create so called snapshots, i.e., to be more precise, the exact copy of the operating system in order to restore it in the event of the system or hardware crash.

Snapshot Creation– the creation of the snapshot is very easy and requires two simple steps only. In the first step the program offers you to name a snapshot and add a description for it. In addition, you can also lock the snapshot to prevent its deletion. In the second step Rollback RX Pro will start the snapshot creation. It is extremely fast, only seconds are needed for its completion.

New Snapshots 1

New Snapshots 2

Explore Snapshot– Rollback RX Pro allows you to mount snapshots as virtual drives and explore and analyze its contents; everything is as easy as ABC. Just select a snapshot and click the button Explore. The program will mount it in seconds and you will be able to open and explore this snapshot.

Explore Snapshot 1

explore Snapshot 2

Snapshot Schedule– Rollback RX Pro has got a very convenient tool called Task Scheduler which allows you to automate the process of taking snapshots and restore the system. All you need is to select the desired time, i.e. day and hour (for example, you can run scheduled task daily, weekly or monthly). In addition, you have the possibility to lock the snapshot to protect it from deletion.

As for the system restore, the program lets you roll back the system to the most current snapshot or specify any of available ones.

Task Scheduler 1

Task Scheduler 2

Rollback System– are you in trouble? Your operating system does not boot or everything is messy after a virus attack? Calm yourself! Rollback RX Pro will get you out of trouble and repair all problems with a few clicks of the mouse.

The program offers different methods to restore the system from snapshots; you can restore the system directly from the program main window, the system tray icon, automated scheduled snapshots or at your system startup if it is corrupted and you cannot boot it.

Before rolling back the system to one of previous snapshots, Rollback RX Pro allows you to exclude some files and folders from restoration, for example, user data files, etc. That is all. After restarting, the system will be rolled back to the selected by you snapshot.

Rollback system 1

Recover Files– with the help of the program you can not only restore the entire system, but also recover individual files and folders from the snapshot. The program allows you to search for files using their names, types or location. All you need is to select one of three search options and a desired snapshot. It does not take a lot of time to search for files and folders; several minutes are required to analyze the contents of the snapshot and display found results.

Recover Files 1


Rollback RX Pro includes some tools to perform some additional operations; they are as follows:

Access Control– if you want to protect all program features from unauthorized change and modification, you can take full advantage of this tool. It allows you set a password and secure your settings; just create a strong password and all your settings will be safe from any undesired access.

Access Controlk

System Security– it is very needful and necessary to keep the system and data secure because it may be easily corrupted by an unskilled user. With the help of this tool you have the possibility to protect your system and created snapshots and prevent their unauthorized modifications.

System security

Baseline Manager– during the installation Rollback RX Pro creates a baseline snapshot and you have to keep it safe because it contains the most perfect image copy of your system and it is a base of all other snapshots. With this tool you can configure this baseline snapshot, for example, after changing or upgrading system settings.

Baseline Manager

Snapshot Defragmenter– over time more and more snapshots are added by the program and they take more and more space of the hard disk. Of course, you have the possibility to get rid of old snapshots and free up some valuable disk space. Rollback RX Pro allows you to defragment free space left after deleting old snapshots and improve system performance on the one hand and regain free hard disk space on the other hand.

Defragmenter 1

System Requirements
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit versions), Support UEFI BIOS and GPT Partitions

800 MHz processor

60 MB of RAM

1 GB of free hard disk space


Rollback RX Pro is a program which is specially designed for those computer users that care about the stability and safety of their PCs. With the help of it you can save both time and money on the one hand and solve any computer problems related to the system backup on the other hand.

Rollback RX Pro has got powerful features and it is very easy to use. There is no need to create a lot of backup copies of the system and important files; just take a snapshot of the system with one click of the mouse and sleep peacefully.

Rollback RX Pro creates an exact image of the hard disk or partition and restores it whenever you want. The program allows you to create as many snapshots as you wish and use any of them in the event of the system crash.


1. It supports unlimited snapshot creation
2. It saves a lot of disk space
3. It does not affect the system performance
4. It takes only a few seconds to create a snapshot



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