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Up to 40% OFF Roxio Creator Discount Coupon

Up to 40% OFF Roxio Creator Discount Coupon

by FileCriticNovember 26, 2018

Looking for a professional set of tools to author DVD and Blu-ray discs? Do you want to edit and convert videos? Roxio NXT is the best application you need for this.

If you have ever used Roxio Toast on Mac, and wanted a similar app for Windows, that’s exactly what Roxio Creator NXT is like. They share a lot of features, and we will explain them for you.

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Roxio Creator NXT is a suite of multi-media applications, that you can use for copying discs, burning discs, converting videos, and to record and create your own videos. It consists of the following applications:

  • Roxio Burn
  • Roxio Label Creator
  • Roxio MyDVD
  • Roxio VideoWave
  • Corel FastFlick
  • Live Screen Capture
  • MultiCam Capture
  • WinDVD 12
  • Corel AfterShot 3
  • BackOnTrack 4

Roxio Burn allows you to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs with ease. You can also burn discs from an ISO stored on your computer.  The application also allows you to create an exact copy of your discs, to take a backup of your important data or irreplaceable discs. Want to copy content from a disc and save it to your PC, you can use the software for that too. You can also do the opposite of that, i.e., create a virtual copy of the disc using the application. Roxio Burn comes with an option to enable virtual disc drives, that you can use for accessing virtual copies of discs, even if they aren’t supported by Windows Explorer.

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The software allows you to use high storage Blu-ray discs, which have a capacity of 50GB. But let’s say you have content which is even larger, or if you don’t have a high capacity disc, you can span the files across several CDS and DVDs. Roxio Burn can actually fit a high definition DVD movie on a standard DVD. Apart from storing data on discs, Roxio Burn can be used to save data on a USB drive.

Roxio Label Creator is a user-friendly application, which you can use to create disc labels, or DVD case inserts. There are many templates to choose from, and in case you want to create custom labels, the application supports that.

Roxio MyDVD is another useful tool in the suite, which has several customizable menus, music, and over 100 theme templates. Using these you can create professional looking discs with a few clicks of the mouse. And of course, you can customize the settings and format of the content you are copying. You can use Roxio MyDVD for authoring high definition Blu-ray video discs, but it requires a plugin to be installed.

The software has 100+ menu templates and chapters which you can customize, when creating your DVD. You can add menus, music or chapters with simple mouse drag and drop gesture. Video discs that you create not only work on computers, but also on Blu-ray players.

Roxio VideoWave is an excellent video editor, which you can use to create a movie from your photo collection. The application supports customizing the videos with titles, transitions, and effects that you can add quickly. The effects include several filters, and nature sounds, for you to choose from.

If you have a 360-degreee video that you want to convert into a standard video, you will be happy to know that VideoWave enables you to do that, to make the videos compatible with your video player.  And quite similarly, you can convert 2D videos to 3D, and also create new 3D videos.

You can also use VideoWave to add a blur effect or a title to a moving object in the video, using the Motion Tracking option. VideoWave supports latest codec formats such as HEVC, for high quality video input and output.

Lossless video conversion is a reality, thanks to the Smart Encoding in the application, which also helps in faster processing of videos. The software is simple to use, and you can edit videos to cut, crop, rotate videos, without a lot of effort. You can even add a video inside a video using the picture-in-picture effect.

If you have a video which wasn’t stabilized by the camera, don’t worry. You can use VideoWave to digitally stabilize the movie. Fixing dull videos is a breeze, because the application can automatically fix the color, contrast and brightness. Video editing often involves working with video clips from multiple cameras, and these can sometimes result in weird issues like out of sync audio, or different angles. The application can correct the audio sync on its own, and even lets you select the angle of the camera you want for the video.

Roxio Creator NXT is also a video editor and an audio editor, which you can use to convert media files from one format to another. You can use it to rip music or movies from CDs, DVDs, and save them in any format you choose. This doesn’t work with copyrighted or encrypted media. Videos can be converted into formats that are compatible on other devices including Android, iOS, Gaming Consoles, macOS, etc. The converters come with editors, which allow you to trim silence in recorded tracks, or any unwanted portions out of the video footage.

Corel FastFlick is a slideshow creation application which can be used to make a great looking photostory in 3 steps. All you need to do is select the video template, pick your video, edit it if needed, and finalize your movie. You can save the videos to popular formats or publish them to online services like YouTube or Facebook using the integrated upload option.

Live Screen Capture is a brilliant option for recording the screen on your PC. You can use the video for many purposes like gameplay footage, tutorials, presentations, etc. You can even add the recordings to other videos.

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And you are not limited to recording the computer’s on-screen content, you can also capture a specific area of the screen, or an application’s window. Live Screen Capture can also be used to recording audio, which you can add as a voiceover for your videos.

MultiCam Capture is perhaps the highlight in Roxio Creator NXT. It allows you to record content from multiple sources at the same time, and create a single output video.The resultant video is synced perfectly in terms of video and audio.

You don’t necessarily have to connect 2 cameras to record simultaneously, you can even record the content from your screen and use your webcam as the second source. Alternatively, you can also use pre-recorded videos with the Multi-Camera Editor, and work with it as a source.

Corel AfterShot is yet another superb addition in Roxio’s bundle. This is a rich photo editor, which supports over 250 RAW camera profiles. You can use it to edit a photo using the crop, color correction, exposure controls, and other tools. There are a lot of presets in the application which can quickly transform a photo into a stunning one.

The best part of Aftershot is that you can use it to work with multiple photos at the same time, using the batch processing option. You can manage your photo collections and organize them, and search for pictures you want easily. The web gallery creator is handy for sharing an online photo album.

BackOnTrack 4 is the built-in data backup software in the Roxio NXT suite. You can use it to take a backup of your computer’s hard drive complete will all the data on it, which includes the operating system, files, applications, etc. It also lets you to save specific files, so the data isn’t lost in anyway. You can also use it to backup your songs, movies, etc from your iPod to your computer.

Roxio Creator NXT is also available in a Pro version. It has all the features of the regular version, and offers extra features.

The Pro version also comes with WinDVD 12, so you can playback your movies and discs on your computer, at the best quality. It can automatically enhance the picture, and stabilize shaky videos, for a perfect movie watching experience. You can boost the audio output or reduce noise, and even get to enjoy Dolby audio quality like a cinema on your computer. And the software supports 4K video and almost all popular formats.

Roxio Creator Pro NXT supports up to 4 cameras for multi-camera editing, and has 14 effects that you can use in VideoWave.

Another software that Corel has bundled in the Roxio Creator Pro NXT package, is PaintShop Pro X9. This is an application which is useful for enhancing pictures, with professional tools for advanced photo editing.

In addition to this, Roxio Creator Pro NXT can be used for encrypting a Disc or USB drive to prevent data theft. You can use the tool to add more data or delete any from your encrypted removable disk. This security feature also supports viewing activity logs, to see what data you burnt on the disc, and when you did.

We haven’t seen a more detailed collection of multimedia tools in any other suite, which makes Roxio Creator NXT take the crown.

Roxio Toast:

If you have a PC and a Mac, you may be aware of the fact that the majority of software out there have versions for both operating systems. But when it comes to disc authoring and video editing apps, there aren’t many to choose from on Mac. Roxio Toast is our choice for multimedia purposes, and for several good reasons.

Roxio Toast is actually a suite of multimedia apps which comprises of the following:

Disc Catalog Maker RE

Live Screen Capture

MultiCam Capture and Editing


Roxio Secure Burn

Toast Audio Assistant

Toast Slice

Toast Titanium

Roxio Toast Titanium:

Let’s take a look at the Roxio Toast interface. The primary app in the suite has a nice dark theme which is easy on the eyes. The GUI is divided into 2 parts. The larger portion of the window is the primary view which 5 tabs on the top, and a sidebar with 2 tabs. This makes the app are easy to navigate from one area to another.

The tabs in the primary area (listed in order) are: Data, Audio, Video, Copy and Convert. Each of the first 3 tabs are named after the kind of disc you want to create, i.e., Data disc, Audio disc, and Video disc.

The copy tab is used for creating a 1:1 copy of a disc, which can be useful for creating backup DVDs.  This can be a CD, DVD or a Blu-Ray disc. This feature also allows you to save the multimedia content from the discs, as digital files. If you have a DVD which has larger videos, you can still fit them to a DVD using the app. The copied discs can be customized optionally, including the titles, audio, and the language. You cannot use the app to extract or copy encrypted content.

The Convert tab allows you to convert videos from one format to another. Converting videos is pretty much the most important part of editing a video. Otherwise, what’s the use of the video, if you can’t play it.

You can use Toast Titanium to convert videos into almost any popular format used today. This applies to videos taken from DVD discs, and movie files which have stored locally. If you have done some video editing before, you may be aware that high quality video conversion can take a while.

This is especially the case if you are creating a lossless video from a DVD disc. Fortunately Roxio’s Toast app has a scheduler which you can use to automatically run a task, even when you are away from the computer. Let’s say you are in a hurry to use the computer for something urgent, but a video is being converted. What do you do?

You don’t have to cancel the conversion project, and start over. That’s because the app allows you to pause and resume the video conversion process anytime you want to. This is a feature which we haven’t seen in other video converter apps. Another advantage of using the app is that you can also use the app to convert your videos to a format that is supported on your iPhone or iPad, or video game console, your PC, Android phones, etc, with ease.

The tabs on the sidebar differ depending on which primary tab is selected. For example, when the Video tab is selected, the sidebar displays the Options and Media tabs. The Options tab allows you to select the settings for the selected disc’s menu style. You can also select the quality of the media, with presets available from the dropdown menu. Or can customize the settings to your liking.

The Options tab displays a summary of the Output disc, including the size of the disk, the type of data, the video/audio codec and the bitrate that you have chosen.

There is a long bar on the bottom of the Roxio Toast Interface, that displays the disk size of the selected disc. It fills up to indicate the used disc space (in color), while the empty area gives you an idea of the blank space. A numerical indicator also tells you the capacity of the disc, and the space remaining. So, you can use this to get an idea of whether the files that you have queued up will fit in the disc or not. And in case you have a lot of left over space on the disc, you can add some files.

You can use the buttons which are next to the disc space bar to select the destination drive, i.e., the disc drive that has the Blu-ray or DVD that you want to burn the content to. The eject button will remove the disc from the system.

The Settings button can be used to further customize the disc’s options. You can use the copies option, to burn multiple copies of the same disc. Finally, there is the Burn button, which will create the disc, with the contents and the settings that you selected for the project.

Roxio Secure Burn:

Secure Burn as the name suggests, is a tool which you can use for creating encrypted and password-protected discs. You can also use it to create secure USB drives. The app uses AES-256 bit banking level encryption, and you can even choose whether to make the disc/drive work only on Mac or only on Windows too.

MultiCam Capture and Editing:

This is Roxio’s new way of creating videos from multiple cameras at the same time. Speaking of which, you can connect up to 4 cameras at the same time, including the built-in FaceTime camera on your Mac, and any others that you have plugged in. This also features a Picture-in-Picture window in the Multicam Editor.

Recording videos isn’t the only way to use the app, you can also use MultiCam for adding multimedia content which you have already like saved music, photos, videos to your video, to create a new project.

Roxio Toast Features:

The app supports 64-bit computers, and hence works beautifully on the latest MacBooks. You can use Toast MyDVD to create DVD video discs, and customize the menus, chapters and music. The app has built-in templates, which you can use for this. There is a simple way in which you can edit the templates, text, music or videos or the background image, using drag and drop. Burning videos to Blu-Ray, DVD and AVCHD doesn’t get any easier than this.

Toast has a Media Browser which can be used for finding your multimedia content. It even supports Spotlight search, iMovie, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom and iTunes.

Live Screen Capture is a tool which you can use to record a video on your screen. You can also use it to capture videos from websites, discs, and other devices. Similarly, you can also save steaming video and audio to your computer. And with the video editor bundled in, you can cut out unwanted portions from the videos.

Social sharing is a must these days, especially since almost everyone has a smartphone and a social account. So, if you want your videos to get viral, you don’t have to worry about uploading the content manually. The app has share options integrated in the interface, which can be used to share your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter.  Or if you want to make a photo disc that works on both Mac and Windows, you can do that too.

Roxio Toast Titanium vs Pro differences:

The Roxio Toast Pro version has all the features of the Titanium version that we have explained above, and several extras. This includes Winzip Mac, Corel Painter Essentials, FotoMagico RE and Corel AfterShot which are all bundled into the package.

Winzip as you may know is the leading archive creation and extraction app for Windows and Mac. The user-friendly file compression utility also has built-in options to share the archives to the iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

If you are an artist who likes to sketch or draw or create digital paintings, Painter Essentials is a must have for your palette. It can also be used to transform photos into great looking ones with filters.

FotoMagico is your app, if you want to create a slideshow like movie from your photo collection. You can add photos and videos mix in some music, throw in some transitions or text effects to make the videos look professional looking

AfterShot has even more adjustment tools to enhance your photos. You can use it to improve several photos in batches too.

The Pro version also supports Blu-ray Disc authoring, which you can use you to burn your videos to Blu-Ray discs. You also get over 100 templates for ToastMyDVD for creating your DVD or Blu-ray disc with creative titles, menus and chapters.

That’s a lot of extra goodies, which can help make an already good looking video, a spectacular one. Regardless of whether you go for the Roxio Toast Titanium or the Pro version, you are getting the best professional DVD authoring app for Mac.