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SAM Broadcaster Cloud Review
by February 7, 2016

SAM Broadcaster Cloud Review

It is extremely easy to create your own radio station on the Internet. Every PC user who loves music and wants to share his favorite tracks with other music lovers, can create it without any problems! All you need is just three things- boundless and crazy love about music, PC connected to the Internet and, of course, SAM Broadcaster Cloud.

Web Interface of SAM Broadcaster Cloud- the interface SAM Broadcaster Cloud is conveniently designed is very easy to use; it can be divided into four parts:

Sidebar- it is located on the left side and contains seven tabs- Library- this is a default and main screen of the program which displays all the features and content, i.e. Playlists, Library, Queue and History windows.

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Live Control- it provides you with info about currently used streaming mode and allows you to change it.

Live Control Tab

Schedule- this tab allows you to create playblocks and apply some separation and logic rules to them. In addition, you have the possibility to schedule some events by specifying the desired time, i.e. day, week or month.

Schedule Tab

Health- with the help of this tab you can get info about problems concerning your station output, for example, info, warning or error messages.

Health Tab

Academy- in this tab you will find video tutorials how to use the program and all its great features in order to get maximum results.

Academy Tab

Settings- this tab contains various settings for configuring your station details, adjusting service or station level permissions and applying audio settings.

Settings 1

Widgets- this tab provides you with website tools for generating listen link, widgets and player.

Widget Tab

Upload- Of course, SAM Broadcaster Cloud comes bundled with some free music samples, but you can add your favorite tracks to it quickly and easily. It is a very easy task to upload your music files; just navigate to the top-right corner of the interface and click on the Upload button. A new window will be opened where you can add and manage your music tracks.

The web interface of the SAM Broadcaster Cloud uploader is very convenient and easy to use. At the top-right corner there are four buttons:

Pause / Resume- it allows you to pause uploading or resume it. It is very useful when you want to apply some additional options to your tracks before uploading.

Import- it is a drop-down button which offers four different ways of uploading music tracks, i.e. the program allows you to upload files from the local computer (you can select them from the Windows Explorer window or simply drag and drop into the interface), from URL address (just enter a download URL and the program will automatically start the uploading process), from Dropbox (all you need is to sign in to your Dropbox account and select files to upload) and using a special Library Import Utility (this is a specially designed application for bulk music uploads; with the help of it you can upload hundreds of music tracks. Just download and install this application on your computer and you will be able upload tons of music tracks without any restrictions).

Clear- this button is used for removing completed or failed tracks from the upload list.

Options- this button provides you with several useful options; for example, Import Mode (three different options are at your disposal- Skip existing, Overwrite and Metadata), Concurrent connections (you can use up to four simultaneous connections), Destination (this option help you to select that location where music tracks will be placed after uploading, i.e. Library, Queue or Playlist) and Media Type (with this option you have the possibility to specify the media type of your files, for example, music, promo, news, interview, and so on).

The main uploading area contains a list of uploaded files and provides you with info about their mode, type, destination and size. SAM Broadcaster Cloud currently supports the following file types- MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, M4A and WAV.

It should be noted that the web interface of SAM Broadcaster Cloud is highly customizable. At the top-right corner there is a drop-down menu setting button which allows you to reset layout (for example, small, huge, large, etc.) and change the color scheme (for example, emerald green, navy blue, and so on).

upload Window

Upload process

Edit Media Items- after uploading your music tracks, you can start editing them; fortunately, this is a very easy task because SAM Broadcaster Cloud offers a lot of different options for the complete and thorough editing music tracks.

After accessing “Edit Media items” window, you will find plenty of different options for your music tracks. This window is divided into six sections and each section offers various editing tools:

Basic Info- in this section you have the possibility to specify some basic details of your track, for example, title, artist, album, composer, and so on. In addition, you can also add Buy and Website links, Media type (for example, music, news, commercial, and so on), Genres (i.e. blues, rock, folk, etc.) and Moods (for example, amiable, aggressive, birthday, and so on).

If you want to add a cover to your song or album, you can easily do that in this section; SAM Broadcaster Cloud offers a special search tool which allows you to search for covers on the Internet using iTunes, Amazon and Google services.

edit- Basic Info

Extended Info- this section allows you to add some extended info to your track, for example, ISRC (i.e. International Standard Recording Code), UPC (i.e. Universal Product Code), and some others.

Edit- Extended Info

Comments- if you want to add some useful or important comments to your music track, you can easily do that in this section.

Edit- Comments

Lyrics- it is very useful to provide your music track with lyrics; this section is created for this purpose.

Edit- Lyrics

History- in this section you can find info about playing history of your tracks, i.e. Date played, Time ago and Performances.

Edit- History

Audio Settings- in this tab you can adjust some audio settings to your music track, for example, Gain dB, Trim silence, cross and fade in or out.

Edit- Audio settings

Playlists- playlists are very essential and important for any broadcasting stations because they contain all these music tracks which are required for normal functionality of the radio station. There is no need to say that without songs you cannot manage and control your radio.

There are two different playlist types in SAM Broadcaster Cloud- Shared playlists and Station playlists.

Shared playlists contain tracks which are available for every station while Station playlists are used with specific stations.

After accessing any of playlists which you have, its content, i.e. music tracks, will be displayed and you will be able to add your tracks, for example, to Queue window, edit or remove them, and so on.

In addition, SAM Broadcaster Cloud allows you to sort out your playlists by artist, title, album, etc., or export them as a MUL, M3U, M3U8 and CSV playlist format.

Of course, you have the possibility to create as many playlists as you want and conveniently sort them out by categories.

Library- SAM Broadcaster Cloud offers a very convenient Library which allows you to sort out all your songs using different filters. The program offers two filter groups- Filters and Grouped filters.

Filters group include three sub-groups- Media Types (in this group all music tracks are sorted out according to their type, for example, music, sound effects, news, and so on), Recently Added (all music tracks are sorted out according to their addition to the library, i.e. 1 day or 30 days ago, etc.) and Duration Ranges (all music tracks are sorted out according to their duration; from 15 seconds or less to 1 hour or5 longer).

Grouped Filters allows you to group tracks by artist, title, album, mood, year, genre and media type. So you can easily find any required song and add it to the Queue.

Queue- it is a window where you can view, manage and control all the tracks queued for playing. It is very easy to add songs to this window; just select any song and drag and drop it to the Queue window. After adding, you have the possibility to edit songs, change their position, sort by artist, title, and so on.

History- in this window you can find all played tracks; the last 1000 songs or tracks played the last 48 hours can be found here. The window provides you with the following info- time (i.e. when the track was played), artist, title and the duration of the track.

Schedule- this tab is divided into three section- Playblock (i.e. you can create a folder with songs to be played on your radio station), Separation Rules (after creating a playblock, you can edit so called separation rules, i.e. configure SAM Broadcaster Cloud to play the next track automatically according rules defined by you. This web application offers different separation rules to use, for example, DMCA separation, Heavy separation, light rotation, and so on) and Schedule (of course, SAM Broadcaster Cloud allows you to schedule events; all you need is to create a scheduled event and specify its name, date, repeats (i.e. once, weekdays, minute) and display duration).

Schedule 1


Widgets- with the help of this tab you can generate listen link (you have the possibility to select the preferred stream and output mode), widgets and player (you can change the style of your player and its size) for your website.

Settings- of course, Settings section is very important for any application because it allows you to configure all options and features according to your needs and wishes. Settings section of SAM Broadcaster Cloud is divided into three tabs- Station Details (in this tab you have the possibility to specify the name and your website URL on the one hand and add a logo and Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus links to your station on the other hand), DJ Management (this tab allows you to manage service and station level permissions, i.e. let other users access your station and manage it. You can give these users permissions to edit metadata, import media, create scheduled events, adjust rotation rules, and so on; all you need is to enter email address, name and last name of these users to who you want to grant access) and Audio Settings (with the help of audio settings you can adjust and configure audio options, for example, Trim silence at the start and at the end of the tracks, duration of fade out and fade in effects, and some others).

Audio settings

DJ Management


SAM Broadcaster Cloud is a great choice of those who want to have his own radio station without leaving home. It offers practically everything that is needed for professional radio broadcasting online. Thanks to a lot of great options and features, you can easily manage and control your radio station, for example, upload tons of your songs using different methods, conveniently organize your music library, schedule your music events, and much more.

SAM broadcaster cloud is an application which makes your dream come true.


1. Seamless web integration.
2. Live streaming and automation scheduling.
3. A lot of settings for configuring audio sound quality.
4. Convenient music library.
And plenty of others.



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