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SAM Broadcaster Pro Review

SAM Broadcaster Pro Review

by January 9, 2016

SAM Broadcaster Pro Review

You have long dreamed of creating a full-featured online radio station and you do not know how to realize this dream? Fortunately, dreams sometimes come true! SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 is just that application which will help you to make the dream a reality. In this program you will find practically everything that is needed for creating an online radio station and starting broadcasting your favourite songs via Internet.

The installation procedure of the program is very straightforward and it does not require any professional skills; all you need is to follow Setup Wizard instructions that include three steps, namely, you have to read and accept the license agreement, choose those components you want to install and specify the install location.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 4

After the installation, SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 will help you to configure some program features and preferences. At first, you should select one of four database systems offered by the program, i.e. Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL. The program provides you with some useful info about each system, their advantages and disadvantages; so you can easily select the most appropriate database system for you. After that SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 will ask you to provide the necessary info for establishing a connection. You have the possibility to choose one of two offered options, i.e. use default settings and leave everything unchanged or specify custom settings and manually enter the desired access mode, host and database. In the next step you have to select  a default folder for adding audio files (if this option is chosen by you, the program will scan this folder and add all audio files to its database) and download some default sound FX and demo files. In the fourth step the program will offer to pick the desired playback and recording audio device. And, finally, in the last step you must register the program (of course, if you have got a valid license key) or try it for free.

Setup 1

Setup 2

Setup 6

Setup 7

Setup 12

Interface- at the top of the program’s main window there is a Menu toolbar which includes several buttons, for example, the buttons for playing or stopping tracks, controlling the volume, selecting the desired modes for broadcasting (SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 offers three different modes- Auto DJ, Queue and Manual DJ; Auto DJ mode plays tracks from the Playlist window in random order automatically without your intervention; Queue mode plays tracks from the Queue window, so you can control the duration of the tracks and manage them; and Manual DJ mode allows you to control tracks manually).

In addition, the Menu toolbar also contains three buttons for switching between three desktops on the one hand and the button for configuring the program on the other hand.

At first sight, the main interface of the program looks a little disorderly after opening it. You will see several small movable windows on the main screen, for example, Playlist, History, and so on. Do not worry! Actually, the main interface is very convenient and highly customizable. You can easily remove any unnecessary elements from it, or, on the contrary, add any needed ones. For convenience’s sake you can arrange those small windows by placing them in one of three desktops offered by the program and simply switch between them, for example, you have the possibility to place Playlist or Queued songs in the desktop A, and Voice and Sound editing settings in the desktop B, and so on.

Desktop 1

Desktop 2

Desktop 3

Below I will describe the most important windows of the program.

Decks- the program contains two decks which allow you to control and manage playing tracks, for example, volume, pitch, tempo and equalizer, and so on.

Auxiliary Players- two players are at your disposal for playing and controlling music tracks.

Clock- it is a very colorful clock which helps you to control playing time of your tracks.

Event Log- it provides you with info about performed actions.

Fade Control- it is used for applying or overlaying tracks with various fading effects.

History- in this window you can find details about played tracks with info about time, artist, title and duration.

Volume- in this window you can control and change the volume of the program.

Sound FX- this window displays different buttons for applying some special effects, for example, applause, phone ring, etc.

Voice FX- this window allows you to configure parameters and settings of your microphone.

Voice Tracking- with the help of this window you have the possibility to record and edit your voice tracks.

Encoders- it allows you to select the desired encoder plugin for broadcasting.

Event Scheduler- it helps you to schedule any important event.

The Main Features of the Program

Decks- SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 offers two fully-featured decks or players- Deck A and Deck B, which allow you to control your playing tracks. During the broadcast the music is played in each deck, but if you additionally use the microphone, your voice will be played in one deck and the background music in other one.

These decks include all basic tools to play tracks, so you can effectively manage them. With the help of different buttons and sliders you have the possibility to start, pause, stop the track, go to the next track, apply fading and equalizer effects, control volume, pitch and tempo, and so on.

SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 provides you with detailed info about each track, i.e. you can view their title, artist, album’s cover, bitrate, channels (mono or stereo), etc.

It is worth to make mention of another player in the program- Aux 1 and Aux 2. These decks are practically identical with above described decks, but they lack some buttons, for example, the button for going to the next track.

These decks or players are very comfortably designed and easy to use, so you will fully and effectively control and manage playing tracks.

Deck A

Deck B

Aux 1

Queue- this window shows a list of tracks to be played by the program. You can compile this list manually by adding songs from the Playlist and History windows or directly from the panel menu by clicking on the plus button. SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 allows you to add separate music files or the entire directory or playlist. You can also add tracks from the Internet (all you need is to specify the desired URL address and add a description in the opened window) on the one hand and add your microphone or linein on the other hand. The program currently supports the following audio formats- MP3, FLAC, WAVE, OGG, WMA, WMV, ASF, CDA, AAC and M4A.

Besides the Add button, Queue menu toolbar also includes other six buttons which allow you to remove files from the queue, save tracks as a M3U or CSV playlists, and so on. From the context menu some additional useful commands are available, for example, you can shuffle all tracks in random order, etc.

In the Queue window is displayed each song queued for playing and some info about them, i.e. artist, title and duration.


SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 offers unlimited possibilities for editing song information. Song Information Editor consists of eight tabs:

Info- in this tab you can edit general info about a song, for example, artist, the title of the song, album, the year of the first release, genre (for example, chanson, rock, rap, pop, and so on), and a lot of others.

Picture- if you want to add a cover to the song, you can easily do that in this tab. The program offers various ways for adding the cover; you have the possibility to load it from your computer, find at Amazon and on the Internet or FTP server. SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 supports all well-known formats, for example, PNG, PSD, JPEG, TIFF, etc.

Lyrics- this tab displays the lyrics of the song; you can edit it or find on the Internet.

Comments- if you wish to add some important comments to the song, you can write any useful info about it in this tab.

Details- this tab provides you with some additional info about the song, for example, song ID, duration, date added to the database, last played, and so on.

Reporting Fields- in this tab you can edit some details about the song, for example, artist, title, album, etc.

Settings- this tab contains some settings which can be applied to the song. You have the possibility to define standard cue points for the song, i.e. specify the start and end time, intro and outro and fade and Xfade; enable Gap killer and manually tap bits of the song.

Fading- her you can enable fade out and fade in effects and specify its time and level.

Info editor 1

Info editor 2

Info editor 3


Playlist- this playlist contains all your audio tracks found on your hard drive during the installation process by the program or files manually added by you. You can easily drag and drop tracks into the Queue window to play them.

For convenience’s sake all tracks are grouped into several categories by default, for example, Content (in its turn, it also contains several subcategories, i.e. music, sound FX, promos, news, and so on), Special (it contains four subcategories- weighted rotation, overlay, etc.) and Groups (in this category all tracks are sorted out by artist, title, genre, and so on).

Of course, SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 allows you to create as many new folders as you want, search for all tracks by specifying artists, titles, albums, filenames and genres.

The panel menu has got the same buttons as the Queue window, i.e. you can perform identical actions, for example, add files, URL address or playlist; remove duplicates or delete tracks; save playlists as M3U or CSV file, and so on.

It should be noted that the program offers very convenient and highly configurable options for managing and controlling your playlist; even novice and unexperienced users can handle it.


Voice FX- this window allows you to configure your microphone; here you can find buttons for configuring the microphone settings and equalizer, regulating and controlling music volume and microphone volume and speed.

SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 allows you to configure recording settings for achieving the best results during the broadcast. You have the possibility to select one of four recording modes offered by the program (i.e. None- in this mode the music gradually fades out when you begin to speak; Mixer- during this mode, the music and the voice are blended, so you can hear both the music and the voice; Soundcard- your voice is recorded by using your default sound card; and Encoders- this mode is similar to the Mixer one; the only difference is that the music and voice from the microphone are not blended or mixed).

In addition, you can also specify the desired record driver and soundcard device; enable or disable music fade out and in, and some others.

In the Equalizer settings you can change a particular frequency and select a lot of popular presets offered by the program, for example, club, dance, party, pop, and so on, and save them for the future use.

In the AGC settings (short for Automatic Gain Control) you have the possibility to configure additional audio options, for example, presets, bass, stereo expander, and a lot of others.

Voice FX

Fade Control- this window helps you to manage and control fade effects of the tracks; you can manually specify the desired fade and crossfade effects.

Encoders- it is very important to select the right plugin for broadcasting. In this section you can easily do that in two simple steps. At first, you should select a plugin (the program offers eight different plugins, for example, MP3, WMA, OGG, and so on) and after that in the second step, Converter settings (i.e. bitrate, mode and sampling rate) and Server details (the program offers three server types- Shoutcast, Live365 and IceCast).

Encoders 1

Encoders 2

Encoders 3

Encoders 4

Sound FX- this window displays 24 special effects which can be added to the broadcast, for example, when you talk with listeners, etc. The program offers the following special effects- applause, phone ring, school bell, and so on. With the help of the slider, you can control the volume of these effects.

In addition, it should be noted that you can add other effects and place them in the Playlist window. All these effects can be found on the special websites.

Sound FX

Among other features offered by SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015, it should be noted the following- History (all played songs are displayed in this window, so you can view all of them or drag and drop them in the Queue window), Request (in this window you can place all requested songs), event Scheduler (the program allows you to schedule any event; all you need is to specify the desired time options and actions), Event Log (this window provides you with detailed info about each performed actions), and some others.


Event scheduler 2

Event Scheduler

Event Log

In the Settings you can additionally edit some rules for all three decks, Sound FX, Voice FX and Auxiliary players. The program allows you to configure equalizers, AGC and DSP on the one hand and cross-fading, gap killer and playlist rotation rules on the other hand.

Settings 1

Settings 2

Settings 3

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8.1


1 GB of RAM

100 MB of free hard disk space

Solid Internet connection.


SAM Broadcaster Pro 2015 is a professional application created by the software company Spacial Audio and it offers advanced possibilities for broadcasting Internet radio and it is suitable for both amateur radio lovers and professionals.

All you need is to download and install this great program and a lot of advanced tools will be at your disposal, for example, volume normalization, various broadcasting formats, large music library, web integration, many available servers, thorough playback history and logs, and much more! Everything is included in the program, so all necessary tools and features will be at your hand to broadcast your favorite tracks via Internet.


1. Advanced audio features.
2. Web integration.
3. Media library.
4. Multiple streaming formats.
5. Highly configurable user interface
And much more.


I have not found any.

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