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Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button is now available for $22.99

Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button is now available for $22.99

by AshwinSeptember 23, 2015

Satechi has officially launched its latest accessory, which will be useful for Windows 10.

Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button 3
The image you see above is the Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button.

Yes, it is an actual device for using Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. Oh, let me just clear things up beforehand here, this is not an official product from Microsoft.

That being said, let’s dive right into what this button has to offer. Look at the following image, the accessory sure is cute as a button isn’t it? See what I did there? The button is shaped and bears the colours and the logo of Microsoft Cortana’s logo.

Satechi Bluetooth Cortana ButtonThe Cortana button measures just 1.375 inches in diameter. It connects to devices wirelessly by pairing with Bluetooth (up to 40 feet range), and comes with a built-in battery which is touted to have a battery life of up to 2 years. Once you ress the button the Cortana app opens on your PC/Phone/Tablet, and you can then use it for voice commands, or manually type in a search query. Oddly enough the device does not seem to have a mic, and this makes it long Bluetooth range, pretty much useless.

But there is a bit of good news in that the button comes with various attachments, which lets you use the button anyway you want it to like attaching it to your keychain (keyring), steering wheel, or even to your car’s dashboard or bicycle handlebars.

The biggest plus however, is that the button saves battery life of your laptop/phone, which would otherwise been wasted by the device for actively listening for theĀ  hotword “Hey Cortana”

Here is an official video showcasing the Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button and how to pair it with your device.

Though Satechi hasn’t mentioned these, I think that the button will be useful to invoke Cortana, in situations where the hotword “Hey Cortana” doesn’t respond.

Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button 2

I’m a big fan of tech products and gadgets, but even the Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button will not be an incentive for me to try and use Cortana. In fact it is one of the features of Windows 10, which I’ve disabled to make my laptop run speedily without hiccups. I’m pretty sure that some of you will be thinking like-wise.

However, users who like Cortana, especially the Windows 10 Mobile users, will be glad with the new accessory. The Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button is now available for $22.99. That isn’t a very hefty price tag, given its usefulness.