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Screenpresso 1.6.0 update adds Windows 10 compatibility, Quick Capture bar, better video capturing and more

Screenpresso 1.6.0 update adds Windows 10 compatibility, Quick Capture bar, better video capturing and more

by AshwinOctober 7, 2015

Screenpresso has updated its namesake screen capturing tool, to version 1.6.0.

Screenpresso 1.6.0
And here’s what’s new in the latest build of the application.

Screenpresso isn’t limited to capturing screenshots, it even capture videos as well. And the new version improves upon this ability by allowing users to record the system sounds in videos (screencast).

This will be very useful for those who make tutorial videos and post them to video sharing services like YouTube. Speaking of which vloggers and video editors will be pleased to know that Screenpresso now allows for modifying the start time and end time of your videos, thus enabling users to clip the video duration. And it can even add a watermark to your videos, so people don’t misuse it.

The screen capturing tool now has support for cloud storage services Microsoft OneDrive and Google drive with 2 way sync, for backing up all your edits and snaps.

The app has a new color picker (eye dropper) which now displays the hex code of the colour of the element, on which you hover your mouse cursor. That’s a pretty neat addition which will let you make themed stuff more easily.

The built-in editor of Screenpresso now allows you to draw polygons (hotkey O). Speaking of hotkeys, they now work in any app providing you run Screenpresso with administrator rights.

Screenpresso 1.6.0 also adds a new Quick capture window, (two lines) on top of the screen which allows you to capture a video or screenshot quickly.

screenpresso quick capture bar

You can disable it from the settings.

screenpresso quickcapture

One of the brilliant features in Screenpresso is the OCR conversion. This Optical character recognition feature, which as the name suggests converts the text portion in images to actual text, so you can use it in a document or an article. The UI of Screenpresso deserves to be mentioned as well, because it is quite modern looking and still very user friendly.

Other useful features in the app include the various modes of screen capturing it offers, which includes a delayed screenshot (timer),  scrolling screenshots, selective region capture and many more. Sure it may not be as good as Snagit, but that’s for power users. Screenpresso is more than enough for regular users, and pros.

Download Screenpresso from the official website.

There is even a free version of Screenpresso with limited features, which is actually quite cool, as it allows you to test the features of the app before diving into the pro version. Another incredibly useful feature in the app is that it can be run as a portable app, which allows you to run it from a flash drive, or even as a regular app, sans of Windows Registry entries.