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Search your files and folders instantly with Everything

Search your files and folders instantly with Everything

by AshwinFebruary 15, 2016

Most users have thousands of files and folders today, regardless of whether they are home users or IT professionals.

Everything Search Engine PC

The biggest problem with amassing so many files, is obviously finding the file you need quickly.

It may be hidden inside many sub folders, and obviously we can’t remember each and every location. So, naturally the only option we resort to is to search for the file using File Explorer, or in modern PCs with Windows 10, Cortana. There are many problems in these methods, with the main issue being slow searches.

Windows Search is slow as a snail, and it takes several seconds to minutes to find the folder or file you searched for. Additionally, Windows Search, also uses a service called the Indexing Service, to constantly monitor the changes made to files and folders. It is this service which enables Search to find files “quickly” (it isn’t quick), but the problem is that it uses a lot of memory (RAM), hence slowing your PC down considerably.

So, it is no surprise that most tech savvy users disable Indexing, to speed up the computer. But then, this affects the search speed as well. Is there no other way to overcome this problem, and also reduce the burden on system resources. Yes there is, and it is called, Everything (search engine).

The name itself should suggest what the application does, it searches and indexes everything. But unlike Microsoft’s poorly built tool, this one is blazing fast and is light on resources. And it does not need to be running all the time in the background.

Here is how Everything Search works:

It builds an index of file and folder names in 1 minute (if you have 1,000,000 files). If you have lesser. It will obviously take lesser time. Once it has finished indexing, you can Search for any file or folder name, and it will return the result instantly. The search is real-time, i.e. done as you type. For example: I have the Gameboy emulator called VBA-M on my PC. So If I type, VisualBoy, it will return the exact results as soon as I reach the letter o. But it will also list any result for the letters before it, as you type.

It uses less than 50 mb RAM for a Million files, the memory used directly depends on the number of files you have in its database

You can close the app when you don’t need it to run, and it will update its index when you run it. Download Everything Search from its homepage. The app is completely freeware and has no ads.