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Sideplayer for Google Chrome lets you watch YouTube videos while browsing any website

Sideplayer for Google Chrome lets you watch YouTube videos while browsing any website

by AshwinOctober 5, 2015

Ever wanted to watch videos while you were browsing other websites?

Sideplayer buttons Youtube Google Chrome Website

Because who has the time to do both, right? Jokes aside, there actually is a way to do that right now, at least in Google Chrome, and the video you want to watch is on the Mountain View company’s video sharing service.

Normally, I use Windows 10’s Snap feature to put the browser with the video of the live event on one side of the screen, while taking notes in a text editor on the other side. But this extension may just allow users to do that within a single browser.

The app we are talking about, is in an extension called Sideplayer. And as the name obviously suggests, the extension places a small window on the browser’s side for watching YouTube videos. In fact, this extension could be very useful for multitasking, especially when you are watching a live stream of a tech event or a webinar.

Download Sideplayer for Google Chrome from the webstore. The extension itself weighs less than 35KB. TechPP notes that the extension is in very early stage, in fact the version is just But don’t let that get you down, the extension actually works pretty well.

Once the extension is installed, you will see a new button similar to YouTube’s icon, next to the address bar in Chrome. This is the Sideplayer button.

Sideplayer buttons Youtube Google Chrome address bar

Click on it and paste in any YouTube video’s URL to watch the video in the persistent pop-up player.

Sideplayer buttons Youtube Google Chrome
Alternatively, open any YouTube page, and click on the “Play in Sideplayer” button below the video, and the pop-up player appears.

The Sideplayer window is a persistent one, which means you can switch tabs and the video player appears in the tab you switched to. The extension also supports Auto-play as well. Sideplayer windows can be dragged to anywhere on the tab, and can even be resized. The player also stays on the screen when you scroll down webpages.

The UI of Sideplayer is exactly as YouTube’s HTML5 player, which is quite good. Oh, and there are no ads in Sideplayer which is an added bonus.

The only downside to Sideplayer, is that you need to restart Google Chrome, once you installed the extension, for it to work.

In fact, I think Google should enable this option as a default one in Google Chrome, which could not only help users, but also help the content creators get more views.