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Skype 7.16 update brings link preview and easy sharing options for Windows

Skype 7.16 update brings link preview and easy sharing options for Windows

by AshwinDecember 4, 2015

Skype has updated its Windows desktop app to version 7.16 today.

Skype 7.16 Windows

And the Microsoft owned VOIP service, has added in a couple of new features to the popular app.

First up is an all new sharing toolbar, which it calls the Media Toolbar, which is placed directly underneath the text box. It has five icons for sending the following:

Video Message
Emoticon or Moji (the video animations which Skype added a few months ago)

The Media Toolbar will automatically hide itself, when you’re typing a message, for a distraction free experience. To re-enable the toolbar, click on the paper-clip icon and choose a sharing option. The emoticon/moji button is still displayed though.

Prior to this, you had to click on the “paper clip” attachment button to the left of the text box, to bring up the list of sharing options. This would bring up a pop-up with the icons for the sending options mentioned above. Microsoft says that this is exactly what it wants to avoid, by granting users easier access to the sharing options.

URL Previews

Skype 7.16 for Windows has added support for URL Previews(aka link preview). This will now enable the app to display a thumbnail preview of the webpage you are sharing or received, and eliminates the long urls which have you guessing what the webpage contains. This will also work for video links and image links that you send/receive.

The VOIP service had added link previews for its app, in the Mac version of Skype, a few months ago. And it looks like Skype was using Mac OS X as a testing ground for the feature. And since the option has been well received amongst the user community, it is now being rolled out to all Windows users. This kind of reminds me of how the Windows Insider Program works.

The previous version of Skype for Windows was You can update directly to 7.16 from the older version, but just make sure to uncheck the Bing homepage and toolbar option during the update process.

If your app version shows that you have the latest build, don’t fret. You can just download the full offline installer of Skype from the official website, and run it to manually install the latest update, over your existing installation of the app.

We tested the Skype for Windows 7.16 app on our work PC today, and it works just fine without any major issues.