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Skype causes messages to appear in incorrect order, here’s how to fix the issue

Skype causes messages to appear in incorrect order, here’s how to fix the issue

by AshwinDecember 29, 2015

Skype, the popular VOIP service, now under the Microsoft banner, seems to have a  new issue affecting some users.

A month ago, Skype messed up big time, with a major outage all over the World.

Microsoft later apologised for the downtime, and even offered some free Skype credit for affected users, in a bid to compensate for the issue.

And now it appears to be earning the ire of users with a new issue present in the current version of its Windows app, Skype 7.17, which was released earlier this month, is the one in question.

The problem with the app, was reported by a user who goes by the name, Vulcan.C, at the Skype community forums. He says that he uses the latest version of Skype, and when someone sends him a message, or when he replies, the app always puts his own messages above the incoming messages.

Essentially, what this means that Skype puts the messages in a different order rather than the chronological order it should display it in, making it difficult to have a proper conversation.

Apparently, the problem has been persisting for weeks. And this was confirmed to be a known issue in Skype for Windows version, by one of the Skype community managers, Claudis. He acknowledged that Microsoft is still working on a fix for this bug, while also stating that the issue only affected some users.

Brad Sams, from, also reported about this issue a week ago, on Twitter.

Workaround for the issue:

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround readily available, for now. All you have to do is download the prior version of the app, which is Skype, the MSI installer of which can be found at the thread at the official forums.

No ETA was given as to when the issue will be resolved permanently, though we do think that it may only arrive in a future update in January.

Oh, and both the Skype Web Installer and the Offline installer, do offer the buggy version. Stick to the previous version until Skype announces a fix.

We are still using Skype on Windows 10, which was released back in November, and thankfully did not run into the issue mentioned above. This is exactly, why I use the app with Automatic updates disabled. You too, can do the same by navigating to the the app’s Options > Advanced Settings > Automatic Updates > Turn Off Automatic Updates (Admin rights required).

To find out which version of skype you are running, click on Help > About.