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Skype for Windows fixes the annoying message order bug

Skype for Windows fixes the annoying message order bug

by AshwinJanuary 4, 2016

Last week, it was found that the Skype for Windows desktop app, had a rather annoying bug.

Skype for Windows
Instead of displaying the messages in their chronological order, the app displayed them in incorrect order, often putting the ones which you just sent above older messages.

While not every user was affected by this, one user reported the bug at the official Skype forums, and it was soon acknowledged by the VOIP service. A Skype community manager said there were many reports where users had experienced the same issue, and that it only affected Skype And as a temporary workaround, while Microsoft was working on a fix, he suggested the user to downgrade to the app’s prior version, Skype

Surprisingly, a new update for the app was released today, which patched Skype for Windows to Softpedia reported the news earlier today, that the new build had a very different version number. And it is true indeed, Skype has for some unannounced reason, jumped from to This suggests that there could be some major changes under the hood.

Oddly though, when we updated the app on one of our machines, the version was even higher. The latest version is Skype, with no immediate change log available. We did see a banner with a generic release note stating that the app has been update to include “performance improvements and general fixes.”

The sudden jump from 0 to 32 was mysterious, and from 32 to 85 is even more bizarre.

However, that shouldn’t be much of a concern, so long as the app works fine. We did test the app for a while, and found no issues with it. So it appears that the incorrect message order bug, has been fixed.

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Download Skype for Windows from the official website. Here is the page to get the offline installer. (open it in a new tab)

You can also use Skype’s built-in updater to get the latest version. The update is about 45MB to download (at least it was when upgrading from version You will still need to side-step the Skype Click to Call, and the options to set Bing as homepage/search engine.

Just to be safe, I would recommend saving a copy of the old version’s installer on your PC, if the new version turns out to be buggy as well. That way you can simply roll back to the older build, which was bug-free. And don’t forget to disable the auto-update option from the app’s settings.