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Skype 7.18 for Windows fixes the persistent unread notifications but adds new bugs

Skype 7.18 for Windows fixes the persistent unread notifications but adds new bugs

by AshwinJanuary 14, 2016

Popular VOIP service Skype, has been having its ups and downs lately.


Recently, it was reported that the app was causing messages to appear out of order.

That is, the messages were being displayed in random order, with the ones you texted being displayed above newer ones. The Skype community was flooded with complaints about the same. This led to a community moderator from Skype, acknowledging the presence of the issue, and suggesting a workaround.

He asked users to downgrade to a previous version of the app, which you can read about in the article linked below (messaging order bug). While awaiting a fix, Microsoft released a Windows Update called KB3132372, which proved to be a big disaster. Instead of patching security vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, the update broke many apps which relied on Flash. This of course affected Skype too, with many reports about instances of the app crashing upon launch.

This was soon fixed in the KB3133431 Windows Update released a week ago.

In the meantime, Skype patched its own app to 7.17, which fixed the messaging order bug. But the next thing you know, the VOIP service rolled out a new update, patching the app to Skype 7.18 for Windows, which fixed a bug which displayed read messages, as unread. So the persistent notifications were there until the user selected to chose mark them as read.

A short change-log read:

Other changes include an updated selector for Mojis and emoticons which can now have separate sections. And of course we’ve also added bug fixes anf general stability improvements.

Unfortunately, Skype seems to have opened the door for more new bugs. Some users are reporting that they are unable to add any contacts, when using the latest version of the app, Skype This is especially the case for Hotmail contacts.

The message order bug seems to have recurred for a few users as well, with some reporting it has been partially fixed. And some others are saying they are unable to edit their sent messages.

None of the issues reported have a fix, so the only workaround is to stick to the previous version. And that’s not Skype 7.17 either.

A Skype community mod, ruwin confirmed that the inability to edit messages is a known issue. This is what the mod had to say at the forums:

The bug related to editing messages is still not fixed in the 7.18 release. Because this bug only occurs in the old P2P chats, Skype does not consider this as a “high priority issue”, but there is still some hope that it will be fixed in some unpredictable future.

Surprisingly, ruwin also asked users to revert to the last “bug-free” version, So that kind of acknowledges that both Skype 7.17 and 7.18 are buggy. And the mod also mentioned that Skype has taken down the links for Skype 7.16, but was kind enough to upload an existing installer to OneDrive, and posted the link at thread mentioned above.

When will this nightmare end?