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Skype apologises for its recent outage, gives away 20 mins of free calls to users

Skype apologises for its recent outage, gives away 20 mins of free calls to users

by AshwinOctober 9, 2015

Microsoft owned VOIP service, Skype, was under some serious flak for its recent outage.


A few weeks ago, we reported that the service was down across all platforms.

Except, Skype for Web, which is quite buggy and under-powered compared to its desktop app. Anyway, the web app was working fine even during the outage, apart from the fact that there were some syncing issues with the instant messaging service.

Skype all but declared that it was only the call service, which seemed to be the main one which was down. The VOIP service issued a statement which explained what caused the outage, and apologised for the fault as well. It also mentioned that when the service was restored, there was an incredible amount of traffic, which caused its service to be congested as well.

But, though the VOIP servers were restored in a few hours, there was one minor issue which Skype casually overlooked.

The company’s apology stated on its website, that the Skype for Business, service was unaffected during the outage. So, it was only the regular users, who were affected then. Naturally, many users were unhappy about this, since they were unable to video chat with their near and dear ones.

To make up for this, Skype has been sending emails to users, which is basically an apology letter, and one which also contains a small gift as well. The above screenshot, courtesy of Microsoft News, shows you what the email says. And here is the more interesting part of it.

Skype is offering 20 minutes of free calls to over 60 landline and 8 mobile destinations around the world.

We are not sure if Skype is giving away the free credits for all users, as we have not received an email about it yet (in spite of being regular Skype users). The email screenshot does mention that the free credit roll out is happening over the next few days, so it is happening in phases, which could be the reason why not everyone have gotten the email yet.

Oh, and make sure you use the Skype Credit within 7 days, because the freebie does come with the said expiry date. If you are one of the lucky ones who did get the mail, drop a comment below.

On a side note, Skype Translator is no longer in beta, and is now available for all users. You can read more about that in our previous coverage.