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Skype desktop app for Windows 10 may not launch anytime soon

Skype desktop app for Windows 10 may not launch anytime soon

by AshwinMay 27, 2015

With Windows 10 heading to RTM this summer, you would expect Microsoft to have things planned well.


One thing that isn’t ready yet is an app announced in the January event.

The application in question, is the Skype desktop app for Windows 10. The app isn’t in the current builds of the Windows 10 Insider Preview, or we would have reported about it, wouldn’t we?

Well, there is no official word on it from Skype yet. The Skype team had announced in January that the app would be released as a built-in app on Windows 10 PCs and Mobiles. The above screenshot isn’t of the real Skype app for Desktop, it is just a mock up featured during the January announcement.

So, why exactly isn’t the app ready yet?

Neowin contacted Microsoft and asked it, about the delay in releasing the Skype desktop app for Windows 10. This is what the Redmond company had to say:

We believe in delivering a set of Skype experiences optimized for user needs, and are excited to introduce Skype as a part of the new Windows 10 experience. We are working hard to put the same Skype experiences you know and love in the places you need it most so users can do more with the key people in their lives.

Microsoft clearly avoided answering the question, and Neowin decided to contact inside sources in Microsoft. And it found out some crucial information regarding the Skype app.

One Microsoft Employee revealed, that the mockup (in the above screenshot), was Skype’s vision. But apparently things went awry, as the development of the app was hindered by the incredible speed at which Windows 10 was being readied. So, the Skype team could not meet the timeline of the release.

And things don’t get any better from here, as another insider had said that they would be very lucky to have the app ready for Windows 10 RTM. Yet another source, said that SMS continuity will not be available for Skype this year. Finally, one more insider, (the last one in this topic), revealed the most important reason why the app isn’t ready. Microsoft is apparently focused on fixing bugs in Windows 10, and so all of its teams are working on this sole purpose.

We already reported that Windows 10 RTM will not have new features, and that missing features will be released in the future, probably in Windows Redstone Update, scheduled for June 2016. The Skype desktop app for Windows 10 could be one of these “missing features”.

In fact, the only recent announcements from Skype were about the release of the Skype Translator for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and the updated Skype for Mac application which added support for preview of web links, images, animated GIFs and videos in chats.