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Skype faces service outage worldwide, and this appears to be the only workaround

Skype faces service outage worldwide, and this appears to be the only workaround

by AshwinSeptember 21, 2015

It’s not just you, Microsoft owned VOIP service, Skype is suffering from an outage.


And the bad news is this appears to be a worldwide outage.

The service has been out for several hours. Users have been complaining about the issue on social networks. Skype officially acknowledged the service outage, on Twitter.

Well, the use of the emoji certainly seems to lighten the mood. Here is the official statement from Skype. Apparently, users are unable to change their status, and even the contacts are being displayed incorrectly as offline. This prevents users from making calls, although it does seem that instant messaging still works, but whether your contact has received/read it, is another story.

Group chats however, are still affected, and aren’t working properly. Users who aren’t signed in to Skype, are also plagued with issues, as they are unable to sign in. Long story short, you can’t do anything on Skype, just yet.

Here is the only workaround for using Skype during the outage:

All you need to do is visit and sign in to the service with your account, and it should work

And this workaround comes straight from Skype itself, which claims that Skype for Web is able to send instant messages and make calls.

This suggestion from the service certainly appears to be a little odd, as it makes it look likeSkype for Web and the apps seem to be working on different servers.

Do note that there are several issues with Skype for web. For starters, you cannot sign out of the web app. The UI isn’t particularly impressive either and isn’t effective as the app itself . It is unclear when Skype will be up and running again, so we don’t have much of a choice. Although I should point out that I do have the Skype app working on my Android phone just fine.

On a side note, you will soon be able to use Skype on Microsoft Edge, without the need for installing the browser plugin. This is possible due to the inclusion of ORTC in Microsoft Edge. Of course the bad news is that the feature is yet to arrive, and that it will only be available for members of the Windows Insider Program, in a future build of Windows 10 Preview. The ORTC support should be added to the stable version of Windows 10, which I think will be pushed out in the first major Windows Update, which should be released sometime in the next two or three months.


Skype services were fully restored at 23:53 GMTon September 21. It appears that Skype for Business users was unaffected.