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Skype for Mac now displays preview of web links, images, animated GIFs and videos in chats

Skype for Mac now displays preview of web links, images, animated GIFs and videos in chats

by AshwinApril 16, 2015

Microsoft owned VOIP service, Skype, has updated its app for Mac to version 7.7.


The latest version of the app brings in a couple of new minor features.

Firstly, the app now displays the preview of web pages you send in chats.

Once you have updated to Skype 7.7, open upĀ  a chat and send a link to one of your friends. A visual preview of a link which you sent in the chat will be displayed automatically, thus eliminating the need to write what the linked page, is about like “Hey! Read this article about Gmail” or “Check out this funny image”.

However, there is a minor annoyance in how the web preview feature currently works. A web preview will only be generated, if a link is the only content of a message. So, if you send any additional content along with a link, it will not generate a web preview. Skype writes in a blog post that this feature is being worked upon, and should be available in the future, along with more features.

Secondly, the web preview feature is not limited to webpages. It also supports links to images, animated GIFs, and videos. So you can send a link containing an image or a GIF, and your recipient will be able to view it directly in the chat. Links to videos will generate a thumbnail preview in the chat. So, you will still need to visit the webpage to watch the video.

(Take a look at the image featured in this article to see how a web preview looks like)

The web previews will also help you to easily locate links in your chat history.

Mac is the first platform to which the Web Preview feature is currently being rolled out. It will roll out to other platforms over the coming months.

The update also fixes two annoying bugs in Skype for Mac.

One instance was when the app failed to initialize when a user tried to open it. This was apparently due to a corrupted index. The other bug was related to a notification. Some users could not dismiss a notification which said one of their contacts went offline.

As you may already be aware Skype is not available at the Apple Mac App Store. So you will have to download it directly from the Skype website instead.

Skype 7.7 for Mac is a 37 MB download, and requires Mac OS X 10.9 or above to function.