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Skype for fixes sync issues, but now has a new bug

Skype for fixes sync issues, but now has a new bug

by AshwinJuly 7, 2015

A month ago, Microsoft rolled out a major update for its email service’s website,


The changes were related to its VOIP service, Skype.

Skype for, gained a makeover which included a new Skype icon, (which replaced the messaging icon). Clicking on the icon displays a new sidebar.

Skype for Outlook gained the ability to make calls from right within the browser, this included VOIP calls and video calls. It also gained support for syncing conversations and group chats across devices. And Skype for Outlook, began displaying chat bubbles, clicking on which loads your previous conversation.

It also added unread notification badges in bubbles, signifying that the conversation has a certain number of unread messages.

Sync issues in Skype for

Many users began to report that Skype for Outlook had a major issue. The web interface did not synchronize messages and conversations properly, if the Skype for Desktop app was also open on the same computer. If a message was read in the Desktop App, it wasn’t synced as “read” in the Skype for Outlook web app.

As a result of this, Skype for Outlook also began notifying users erroneously about previous messages. Prior to today’s update for the web app, the only way to get rid of this notification was to manually clear it.

Microsoft fixes the issue:

Microsoft has rolled out an update to fix this issue. It has an added an option to Skype for Outlook, which allows user to turn off notifications. This looks to be a workaround in case the sync issue occurs.

How to turn off chat notifications in Skype for Outlook.

Login to and click on the Skype icon.

On the bottom right corner of the web app’s UI, you will find a speaker icon.


Click on it to turn off chat notifications.


The speaker icon will now display a line across it, to signify that notifications have been muted


To enable notifications, just click on the speaker icon again.

New bug in Skype for

Sadly though, it is not the end of erroneous notifications. Skype for Outlook has a new bug which begins flashing “0 New IMs”. Seriously Microsoft?

Usually Instant Messsaging web apps, such as Gmail, flash the browser tab to notify the user about a new message.

Here is a screenshot (courtesy: Neowin) of the false notification.


Fortunately, there is a simple workaround for this. All you have to is click somewhere in the Skype for UI, and the message notification should dissapear.