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Skype for gets a makeover: includes new icons, support for calls in browser, and more

Skype for gets a makeover: includes new icons, support for calls in browser, and more

by AshwinJune 4, 2015

Skype for gets a makeover, brings some important changes.

Last month, we reported that Outlook was being refreshed with some new features.

One of these features, was support for integrating a new version of Skype into Outlook, to allow users to shift between email and Skype seamlessly.

These features were only available to a private group of people. The new version of Skype is still in beta phase though, so we can expect some changes in the near future.

Let’s take a look at the new features announced for Skype for

Note: If you still have the old messaging icon in, it means that you don’t have the new Skype for Outlook’s website. If you have a Skype icon in, you have the new version.

Skype sidebar in

Click on the Skype icon, and it will open the Skype sidebar. The interface has changed with new icons, and options. You can search for friends and add them to Skype right from the’s sidebar.

Skype group chats and conversations in

Skype chats are synced across all devices you have signed in to. You can view the previous group chats and individual conversations, displayed in the form of bubbles. Click on a bubble, opens the corresponding conversation.

Look at the above image, you will notice the unread notification badges in bubbles.

Making Skype calls in is easier:

Skype for Outlook lets you call your friends right from the sidebar. You can make VOIP calls, and video calls. But before you make your first call, you will need to install the Skype Web Plugin for your browser.

The new version of Skype for will be rolled out to all users, in the coming months.

If you are looking for the Skype desktop app for Windows 10, you won’t find it anywhere. We recently reported that the app is put on hold for a while. Microsoft wants to make sure Windows 10 is released this summer, on July 29th. So, it is making all of its teams working to squash the bugs in the upcoming OS. As a result of this, the Skype desktop app will not be released anytime soon.

Skype recently released its real-time translator app for Windows 8 and Windows 10. The app will translate the audio instantly. When a caller speaks in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian or Mandarin in a call, the user at the other end can choose to translate it in to one of the other three languages. This helps users have conversation with friends, regardless of the language barrier.