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Skype for Web Beta available to all users in the US and UK, will roll out Worldwide in the coming weeks

Skype for Web Beta available to all users in the US and UK, will roll out Worldwide in the coming weeks

by AshwinJune 6, 2015

Microsoft has made Skype for Web Beta available to all users in the US and UK.


It was only a couple of days ago that, Skype for was rolled out.

And now the Redmond company is rolling out a pretty great feature to its existing VOIP service. If you have used Skype, you would be aware that the service is only accessible via the Skype desktop application and mobile apps.

Ever wished you could access Skype from your desktop browser? Now you can do so. Just head over to or, and sign in to use the service in your browser. It isn’t actually a new project from Redmond, Skype for Web was announced way back in November 2014.

This will allow users to quickly sign in and chat with their friends and colleagues. So, you will still need the desktop or mobile app to make and receive calls, right? Wrong. Skype for web supports audio calling as well as video calling too. You just need compatible hardware for that, a mic and a camera.

Once you sign in to Skype for Web, it will automatically load all of your contacts and conversations. As seen in Skype for, Skype for Web will also use a timeline view. That is, instead of displaying two lists for contacts and recent conversations, a single list with both features will be displayed. This list is searchable, meaning you can use it to find contacts and conversations easily.

Perhaps the best feature of Skype for Web is that you can use it from Internet Explorer Chrome, Safari and Firefox, not just Microsoft’s own browser. It will also be very useful if you wish to access Skype from a computer that doesn’t have the Skype app installed. Though Microsoft Edge isn’t listed as one of the supported browsers it is likely to gain support for Skype For Web beta.

Users will need to install the web-plugin to make a call. It is likely that this is the reason why Edge (Project Spartan) isn’t supported now, as the browser is yet to gain support for browser extensions.

Skype for Web also has notifications, which users will have to enable manually when signing in. This will ensure that users do not miss a call, when they are on a different website or even a different app.


Skype for Web beta is currently only available for users in the United States, and the United Kingdom for now. If you try to log in to Skype for Web from a different Country, it gives a weird message.

    Computer says no…
Sorry, Skype for Web (Beta) is invitation only at this time.


Microsoft says it will be rolling out Skype for Web Worldwide in the coming weeks.