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Skype for Windows 10 Insider Update brings snapshots, screensharing

Skype for Windows 10 Insider Update brings snapshots, screensharing

by AshwinJune 28, 2018

The Skype for Windows 10 Insider Update has been released for testers. The latest version brings several new options which could change the way users use the app.
The interface is now more user-friendly for accessing the list of contacts.  Skype calls have some new features which you can use to improve the calling experience. The first of this is the flexible group call canvas. Basically, this allows you to customize the calling screen to decide who appears in the canvas’ main area. To do this, you can drag and drop the people’s portraits from the overflow ribbon on to the call canvas, and the app will focus on the selected person.

Snapshots are official in Skype. That’s right you can capture photos using your call’s video feed. This is much better than using other screenshot tools, or even the old Print Screen option. You can click the snapshot icon and capture the moment quickly. This can be useful for priceless pictures or even serve like a note taking app for meetings, classes, etc.

Screensharing is possible too. This feature enables you to share the screen of your computer with your contact, so they can use it remotely to provide assistance or other purposes. There are customizable themes in the new Skype for Windows 10 Insider Update. So, you can choose a color and theme for your app, from the settings screen.

Skype for Windows 10 Insider Update

Microsoft says there are other improvements that the update brings for the  media gallery, notifications panel, and @mentions.

How to get all these new features right now?  You can download the Skype for Windows 10 Insider Update with a few simple steps.

  1. Click on the Start Menu and open the Skype app (Windows 10 version).
  2. Click the menu button which is the left corner of the application’s interface
  3. Select the “Settings” option.
  4. Scroll down to the “Skype App Preview” section and click on the “Join Preview” option.

Open the Windows Store app, and update the Skype app. That’s it.  When you start the app again, you will see the new features from the latest update.

You can opt-out of the preview in the same manner using the “Leave preview” option. But you need to manually download the Skype app from the Windows Store.

It is not clear when the new Skype interface will be made available for the general public, but we think it will arrive with the next major update for Windows 10.