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Skype for Windows 10 launch delayed again

Skype for Windows 10 launch delayed again

by AshwinSeptember 25, 2015

Microsoft has officially acknowledged that the Skype for Windows 10 launch has been delayed, again.


We have been waiting for a long time for the app, but it looks like our patience will have to stretch for a while longer.

At the end of May this year, Microsoft had indirectly confirmed that it was delaying the launch of the app, because it was improving it before shipping it to the masses. Whereas the truth was, the Skype team along with all of Microsoft’s teams were working on ironing the bugs in Windows 10 to ensure it met its July 29th launch date.

A few weeks later, Microsoft  announced that it was retiring the Skype Modern app (aka the Metro app), in favour of its regular desktop app. This was seen as a move to make the Skype for Windows 10 app ready, but sadly that too came to no avail.  And now nearly two months after the launch of Windows 10, there is still no news about the app.

So, some power users have taken up the responsibility to ask Microsoft about the delay on readying the app. One of them, Brad Sams, contacted Microsoft regarding this, and here’s what the Redmond company told him:

“We want to make sure Skype built into Windows 10 is the best experience possible, so we’re taking some more time to make sure it’s ready for users. In the meantime, you can continue to use Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for Windows Phone and Skype for Web on Edge.”

So, this is yet another app which is likely to land in the first major update of Windows 10, which is expected to launch sometime in the next few months, along with extensions support for Microsoft Edge.

Skype recently launched Mojis, which are short video-clips with sound, which you can send to your friends on IM, and they do look much better than emojis or stickers.

Skype has been facing quite a few issues in recent times, first it was Skype for Web which was plagued with notification sync issues, and then there was the problem with spoofed messages. Earlier this week, the VOIP service faced a worldwide outage, much to the frustration of its users, before it was finally restored several hours later.

I have been using the regular Skype for Desktop app on my PC, and it works just fine on Windows 10. But then again, I’m quite used to the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar, Twitter apps so much that I would rather like to have a modernized UI of the Skype app too.