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Skype Translator for Windows is now available for all users

Skype Translator for Windows is now available for all users

by AshwinOctober 2, 2015

A few months ago, Microsoft rolled out a preview build of its VOIP service app, with a rather cool feature.

Skype Translator For Windows

Skype Translator was the app, and as the name suggests, it translates a language into one the user understands.

This helps in breaking the language barrier, and help in better communication, which could otherwise may not have been possible or at least any easier. Users will be able to see a real-time translation of the text message they received from their contact. Messaging translation in the app is available in 50 languages.

And the best part is that, the translation service is not limited to Instant Messages, it even works for Calls too. This happens in real-time as well. Voice translation in Skype Translator debuted with a couple of languages, but now it is available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish.

Another great advantage in this real-time voice call translation feature, is that it even displays a transcript of the on-going conversation, also happens in real-time. This will help the two conversing users to read the chat, in case they missed a part of the conversation or did not catch the translated one correctly.

Here is an official video from Skype, on how to use the Translator:

The screenshot featured above, shows the Skype Translator button (highlighted in red). It is the globe icon, pressing on which will allow the user to translate conversations.

The app uses machine learning, which “learns” from how the user uses it, so the more it is used the better it gets.

Microsoft has announced that the Skype Translator is now available for all users. But it is not available as a separate download. Instead it is being rolled out as a built-in feature packed in Skype for Windows desktop app. Microsoft says the update will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

The Redmond company is yet to release Skype for Windows 10, which has been due for quite a few months. It was postponed multiple times, because Microsoft wanted to ensure Windows 10 in time, and made all of its teams focus on it. The app is expected to debut in the first major Windows 10 update, touted to land sometime in the next few months.

Skype rolled out an update for its Mac version, and version 7.13 adds support for OS X El Capitan. The app even supports the operating system’s new Split View mode, and also has new options to add contacts to your Skype address book more easily.