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Skype Translator Preview gains support for French and German spoken languages

Skype Translator Preview gains support for French and German spoken languages

by AshwinJune 19, 2015

Skype Translator Preview gains support for French and German spoken languages.

The VOIP service belonging to Microsoft, debuted the app last year in a closed beta with support for two spoken languages.

About five months later, the public preview of the app was released with support for two more spoken languages, which saw a sudden and massive surge in the usage of the app, by 300% percent.

Skype Translator Preview now supports two more languages: French and German, which takes the total number of supported languages to six, with the other four languages being: English, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish.

In addition to real time voice translation, which allows the user on the other end to choose which language they want to translate the incoming audio into.This enables users who don’t speak or even read the same language to communicate almost instantly, breaking the language barrier.

The app also displays a transcript ( a written copy) of the spoken conversation on the screen, for easier communication.

The Skype Translator Preview App also supports 50 text languages for instant messaging.

That is not all the app can do. The Redmond company says that the Skype Translator Preview app will be useful for people with hearing loss.

As I mentioned above, the app displays a transcript of the spoken conversation. This happens in real-time, i.e just as a spoken language is instantly translated to another, the app also displays a transcript on the screen almost immediately.

A person with hearing loss can read the transcript to communicate with the user on the other end.

Microsoft says that this idea began with one of its employees, Ted Hart, who happens to be deaf. He used the Skype Translator app to communicate with his wife, whose spoken words were displayed on-screen in the app, and he was able to respond back using the app’s instant messaging feature. You can watch a video below, where Ted explains about his experience. This is really amazing news, and will help similar people around the World to communicate easily.

You can download the Skype Translator Preview App from the Windows Store, for free. Refer to this support page on Skype’s website for assistance in setting up the translator.

If making real-time spoken translation possible is innovation and something to be proud of, helping people with hearing loss and making their lives easier, well that is truly incredible and magical. Well done Microsoft.

The VOIP service recently rolled out Skype for Web beta for all users.