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Skype Translator will be available in the Windows desktop app soon

Skype Translator will be available in the Windows desktop app soon

by AshwinJune 9, 2015

Microsoft owned VOIP service, Skype has announced that the Skype Translator will be available in the Windows desktop app this summer.

A month ago, Skype launched its calling an instant messaging app with real time translation technology.

However this preview app was only released for Windows 8.1 and Windows Computers and Tablets.

The app was initially available in a beta phase last year, which required users to register for the app. It is now available for all users, sans registrations. And ever since the public preview was released last month, Skype says that it has seen a 300% increase in the usage of Skype Translator.

The speciality of the Skype Translator app is that the translation service is available in video calls, voice calls and also for text messaging. In addition to the real time translation, the app also displays an on-screen transcript of your call.

Skype Translator currently supports four spoken languages with real-time voice translation: English, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish. taking the total number of supported spoken languages to four. It also supports over 50 written languages for Instant Messaging.

Skype Translator in the Skype for Windows desktop app:

Skype will be adding its Skype Translator preview technology in to the Skype for Windows desktop app. The Microsoft owned VOIP service says that it will be rolling out the update at the end of summer 2015.

Here is a new video from Skype which shows you how to setup Skype Translator:

You can visit this page on Skype’s website to see how the Skype Translator app works. Download the Skype Translator Preview app for Windows 8.1 devices from the Windows Store.

On a sidenote, the Skype Desktop App for Windows 10 will not be launched soon. Microsoft reportedly has all of its internal teams working on squashing bugs in its upcoming OS, to ensure that Windows 10 launches on July 29th. As a result the Skype Desktop App for the new OS is currently on hold.

The VOIP service recently launched Skype for Web beta, which allows users to just log in to its website and use Skype’s services, without the need to use or install the Skype app. This service is currently available only in the US and the UK, but will roll out globally in the coming weeks.

Skype for received a UI overhaul, and it now offers conversation bubbles, in-browser calling and also has new icons. You will need to install the Skype web plugin to make calls in the browser.