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SMPlayer Download

SMPlayer Download

by AshwinJanuary 18, 2016

SMPlayer 16.1 Download

Popular video player app, SMPlayer has been updated to version 16.1.

SMPlayer 16.1 screenshot
In case you aren’t aware of the player, here is a small review of it.

The application is free, devoid of ads, and is completely open-source. It is actually based on the popular MPlayer open-source media player, which lacks a proper GUI. This is exactly what SMPlayer offers, a nice GUI, and plenty of other features including themes (skins).

SMPlayer supports most popular video formats including avi, mp4, mkv, mpeg, mov, divx, h.264, etc, as well as several common audio formats like MP3, Ogg, WMA and more. The application supports YouTube streaming playback (via URL) including live streams, and also allows search through an optional plugin.

Got a video in a language you have difficulty following? Need to download subtitles? SMplayer does that with an option SMPlayer which lets you search and download them from Our favorite feature is the automatic seeking option, which remembers at which time point you closed the video, so you don’t have to seek it manually. This also applies to the video’s settings including the subtitles.

So, what’s new in SMPlayer 16.1. Let’s find out:

About a month and a half ago, SMPlayer hit version 15.11, which unfortunately broke the aforementioned YouTube video playback. Thankfully this has been fixed in version 16.0. Another broken feature which the latest build fixes is support for taking screenshots on older versions of MPlayer or mpv formats.

New features in SMPlayer 16.1:

SMPlayer now lets you add bookmarks to a video, for quickly accessing the parts you want to see without seeking them out manually.

Bookmarks can be added/switched with the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+A: adds a new bookmark
Ctrl+B: seeks to the previous bookmark
Ctrl+N: seeks to the next bookmark

For the bookmarks feature to work you must enable “remember the settings for all files” from the app’s Preferences > General. This is currently limited to videos stored locally, i.e no support for online videos or discs.

SMPlayer supports all versions of Windows from XP and above (2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8), and Linux operating systems. Though it doesn’t mention Windows 10, it works perfectly fine on the new OS too.