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Snagit 12 Review

Snagit 12 Review

by January 8, 2015

Snagit 12 Review

Sometimes you need to capture details of the screen. Taking screenshots can be very useful for many reasons. For example you have some problems with a piece of software or your computer and you do not know how to resolve them. You want to take a screenshot and send it to a friend or someone else who can then see what you saw. Or perhaps you just got the highest score in a game! You want to capture this amazing moment and then share it with your friends or upload to some online sites, etc. These are only a couple of examples where a good screesnshot program would prove to be helpful.

There are a lot of decent screen capture programs but one of the best among them is Snagit 12 which has many advanced and great features. This program can not only take simple screenshots but also allows you to edit, save these changes and upload them to the most popular sites!

The installation process is very easy and fast. After installation you will see a little square icon on the edge of the screen. It can be placed in any convenient screen location; it does not interfere with your work and is always on hand when you need it. Just move your cursor over it, click on the red circular icon and take a screenshot or start recording a video.

After taking a screenshot Snagit will open a powerful image editing tool, Snagit Editor, where you can alter the screenshot with a lot of useful, informative or beautiful effects. The program boasts twelve various drawing tools- Selection, Arrow, Stamp, Pen, Highlight Area, Blur, Callout, Line, Shape, Fill, Erase and Step.


Selection allows you to pick a desired area of the canvas to move, cut or copy from the image. The program has four Selection styles-Rectangle, Ellipse, Freehand and Polygon.

2 Arrow– There are twelve arrow styles at your disposal- round, flat, square anchor, equilateral arrow start caps and equilateral arrow, line arrow, barbed arrow end caps. You can also customize color, width, dashes and tips of the arrows or add shadows and change opacity.


Stamp– Here you can insert a lot of different stamps into your image, for example, Black Letters and Numbers, Windows cursors or Interface buttons. Additional stamps can be downloaded from the official website.


Pen– With the help of this tool you can draw freehand lines on the canvas. The program offers eight common pen styles and allows you to change the color, width and shape of the line, add shadows or use opacity effects. 6Highlight Area– This tool allows you to highlight a rectangular region on the canvas and customize its color and transparency.7

Blur– If your screenshot contains any confidential or secret information you can blur it out with this special tool to keep it from being exposed along with the picture.

Callout– With the help of this built-in section of the program you can add arrows, rectangles and bubbly shapes along with text to the image. You are able to select an appropriate font, and its size, use bold, italic or underline letters and set the position of the text (left, center, right). Additionally you can customize the color, width and shape of the arrows for the callouts.

89Line– This tool is for drawing lines. You can draw various curved, straight and dash lines and then customize their width, dashes and ends. The program allows you to make custom lines and dashes. Of course, you are able to choose different effects and transparency for the lines as well. 10

Shape– This tool is for drawing any rectangular, rounded, elliptical or polygon shapes.11Fill– Fills an enclosed area with any color. 12

Erase– Removes any unwanted color from the image.

Step– This tool automatically adds colored numbers and letters to the image. There are eight shapes- circle, square, circle-pointed and square-pointed at your disposal.13The program also has some basic choices for other types of image editing. They are all located in the Image section. You can perform simple graphic operations with images- crop the image; cut out a horizontal and vertical selection; trim unchanging color from the edges; rotate the image horizontally and vertically, etc.; resize the image and canvas or choose the canvas color. It also has eighteen styles including fade, torn, shark tooth, and page curl to name a few.


A very useful feature Snagit has is that you can watermark the screenshots. Just click on Watermark, choose the display effect-Underlay or Overlay, select the image of the watermark to embed, set the direction, position and size. That’s it.

With the help of various filters you can remove or add noise, sharpen, posterize or solarize the image, etc.

A special tool, Spotlight and Magnify, helps you to magnify selected areas of the image.

  • In the section labeled Share you can send captured screenshots to an email program, any server via FTP or simply to another graphics program, for example, Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Additionally the program can send screenshots to Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel. If you use online services such as Screencast, Google Drive or Dropbox you can send your screenshots to them directly within Snagit. Just sign up and Snagit will do the rest. You can download additional accessories from the official site for Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc. Those accessories will then help you post an image or video capture onto your Facebook timeline or Skype contacts, etc.
  • In the Library section you can view the capture history- size, date, type and dimensions of your screenshots. Captured screenshots are conveniently categorized by applications, websites, etc. The captured and edited screenshot can be saved in many graphic formats. The program supports the following formats- BMP, CUR, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG, PSX,SNAG, TIF, CAL, RAW, ICA, CMP, PET,WMFJPEG; They can also be saved in PDF, MHT and SWF. Snagit also allows you to convert between graphic file types. Additionally, it also supports EMF (Windows enhanced metafile format), EPS (Encapsulated postscript), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), RAS (SUN Raster), TGA (Truevision Targa), WFX (WinFax), WMF (Windows metafile format), WPG (WordPerfect).
  • Snagit has a very useful feature- Connect Mobile Device. These days almost everyone has a mobile phone and will be able to take advantage of this feature. You can easily send images or videos from your mobile device to Snagit. Check out the video instructions on the official site for more information.
  • You can send a captured screenshot directly to Word (no need to manually open the application; Snagit automatically opens Word and pastes the image), Clipboard or Google Drive and even share it via Screencast. Snagit is the perfect program for taking screenshots. You can choose one of twelve capture profiles- all in one, region, window, menu, multiple area, etc. If none of the presets meet your needs you can create your own profile. Though Snagit is designed predominantly for capturing screenshots, it is also able to record a video of everything that occurs on the computer screen. You can use one of the recording profiles- all-in-one, region, window or fixed region and then save the created video as a file and send it to an FTP server, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. All recorded videos will be saved as MPEG-4. Unfortunately you cannot edit the captured video with the Snagit Editor. You must have a program such as Camtasia, or other similar products, to perform various video editing operations. In the Preferences section you can customize the general options (run Snagit when Windows starts, etc.), enable or disable the capture window and notification area icon, editor and email options; configure hotkeys and some other advanced options.

Minimal system requirements of Snagit are as follows:

1. Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1

2. Net Framework 4.0

3. 2.4 GHz dual core processor

4. 1Gb of Ram

5. 300MB of available hard disk space.

6. Video capture on Windows 7 N requires the Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N

The program can be downloaded from the official site. It is about 71Mb (the current version is 12.2.2, build 2107). The trial version is fully functional for fifteen days.


1. Has a very intuitive and informative interface
2. Has a lot of image editing instruments such as filters, effects, watermark, etc. Tons of different tools-selection, stamp, fill, erase, etc.
3. Supports mobile devices and printers
4. Allows you to send created screenshots and videos directly to the Internet (FTP server, social media sites-Facebook, Twitter, email-clients-Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat! etc., desktop applications-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows Paint, Adobe Photoshop)
5. Supports video recording
6. Has additional Windows, outputs and profiles
7. Supports twelve different profiles for image capturing
8. Highly customizable hotkeys
9. Supports for more than twenty image formats
10. Allows batch image conversion


1. Trial version is functional for only fifteen days
2. Captured videos can be saved in only one format
3. The program is very expensive

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Snagit is a universal and multifunctional program for creating and editing screenshots with thousands of great and unique features. Possibilities with the program are really limitless; practically you have everything at your fingertips. I think that it is one of the best screenshot capturing programs on the market. Just try it and you will be amazed!

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