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Snap Assist, Corner Snap and Snap Fill in Windows 10 explained

Snap Assist, Corner Snap and Snap Fill in Windows 10 explained

by AshwinJune 10, 2015

Today, we are going to take a look at Snap Assist, Corner Snap and Snap Fill in Windows 10.


Aero Snap was an incredibly useful addition in Windows 7.

It allowed users to put two app windows side by side, thus helping them multitask with ease.

It has been greatly improved in Windows 10.

Snap Assist:

This feature allows users to snap two windows on either side of the screen. In previous version of Windows, after snapping a window on the screen, users had to wade through other app windows to find a second one to snap. But in Windows 10, once you snap a window, you will be offered a list of app windows which are opened, and you just need to click on it to snap it. That is why this feature has been called the name Snap Assist.

(This is very similar to Task View)

Here is how to use Snap Assist, left click on the title bar of any app and drag it to the left or right side of the screen. The application’s window will be snapped to the side of the screen you dragged it to, and resized to half of the screen’s size. Just pick a second app as explained above, and it will be fitted to the other half of the screen.

You can also use the Windows Key and an arrow key to Snap windows.

The following screenshot (and the one above) shows how Snap Assist Works.


Corner Snap:

What if you wanted to work with more than two apps simultaneously. Can I use three apps on the screen? With Corner Snap, you can use up to four apps on the screen.

Corner Snap works similarly to Snap Assist, except instead of dragging Windows on either side of the screen, you will have to drag the app to a corner of the screen. This feature is especially useful on large monitors.

Corner Snap will resize a Window to a quarter of the monitor’s screen size. This will help you use four apps, or even use two windows which use up a quarter of the screen each, and a third window which takes up an entire half of the screen.

The following screenshots shows how Corner Snap Works, with three apps and four apps snapped.


Corner Snap with four apps:

Snap Fill

Snapping a Window poses a slight issue, you may require a window to be larger than the other windows. Resizing a window manually will require you to adjust other windows manually too. To avoid this hassle, Windows 10 uses Snap Fill.

Once you snap a window, you can resize it as per your requirements. Now, when you snap another window, it will automatically fill the remaining space on the screen.


The above screenshot shows how a browser is resized to take up a large portion of the screen, while a second app fills the remnant space.

You can read more about Snap in Windows 10 at Microsoft‘s official website.