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Speccy Professional Review

Speccy Professional Review

by April 17, 2015

Speccy Professional Review

Do you know anything of your computer? Read this Speccy Review then. What is inside it or which devices are connected to it? As a rule, most users have got only superficial knowledge of all the components of their computers.

Of course, all basic information about the hardware presented on the computer can be found out by clicking on the icon My Computer, but it is not complete and comprehensive. Piriform Speccy will give you more detailed statistics absolutely free.

The English company Piriform is widely known for its very popular program for cleaning and maintaining computer registry CCleaner, for recovering deleted files Recuva and for defragmentation disks Defraggler.

With the help of Piriform Speccy even the novice users can easily get the most complete and detailed information about the hardware of the computer or laptop. Speccy instantly provides them with thorough and accurate details of every component of the computer, i.e. processor, motherboard, memory, hard drive, video card, network and much more.

Download and Installation

You can always download the latest version of Speccy from the Piriform official site; it is rather small, just about 5 MB in size. For those who do not wish to install the program, Piriform has developed a portable version which allows you to use the application without installing and run it from any removable media, for example, for a USB drive. The program leaves absolutely no traces in the system and there are no differences between it and the installer version.

If you need a high priority technical support you can purchase a paid version – Speccy Professional (its cost is $24.95). It has got some advantages as compared with the free version, but its functionality does not differ much from the free one.

The installation procedure of Piriform Speccy is very quick and does not require special knowledge. After double click on the installer, you will be greeted with the Welcome page, here you can read the license agreement, view privacy policy and select the preferred language (currently the program supports a lot of different languages, 18 in number) for continuing the installation. In the second step, you can select some additional options, namely, desktop and short menu shortcuts from the one hand and update preferences from the other hand. After extracting all necessary components, Speccy will be installed on the computer.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 5

The Interface of the Program

The interface of Piriform Speccy is very easy to navigate and it does not require much knowledge. Speccy is divided into two panes – Item pane on the left and Details pane on the right. In the item pane are collected all hardware components which the program offers for analyzing, for example, CPU, motherboard, network, etc. In the details, pane is displayed the accurate and full information about each component of the computer which is accessible after clicking on the appropriate hardware name on the item pane.

At the top of the program, you can see three menu tabs – File, View, and Help.


The Main Features of the Program

The data which can be obtained with the help of Piriform Speccy is in-depth and comprehensive. It is conveniently grouped according ten categories, they are as follows:

Operating System






Optical Drives




Let us describe each category more fully.

Operating System – in this section of the program you can get information about your operating system.  Piriform Speccy gives you comprehensive details of your computer type (desktop or laptop), Windows version, installation date, serial number, etc. You can also find out a lot of other details, i.e. installed firewall, antivirus, Windows updates, services, time zone, system folders, and so on (see the screenshot below).

Operating System

CPU – here you can view thorough info of your CPU (i.e. Central processing Unit), its name, the number of cores, fan speed, caches, etc. The program allows you to see in real-time bus speed and temperature of CPU cores.



RAM – in this section the program the program provides you with necessary info of RAM (i.e. Random Access Memory). Exhausted details are displayed in the program, namely, the total number of memory slots, memory type (for example, DDR 2 or DDR 3, size, channel, etc. Piriform Speccy shows in real time memory size in percent, total and physical memory, total virtual memory, and so on. With the help of Timing Table you can find out frequency, CAS, RAS to CAS, RAS Precharge, tRAS, TRS and voltage of your RAM.



Motherboard – it is a central part of the system so we must know much of all its functionality and health. Speccy perfectly manages this problem. The program allows you to view everything concerning the motherboard, namely, its manufacturer, model, vendor, BIOS version, and date. Its voltage is shown in real time so you can view the current temperature of the motherboard.

Motherboard 1

Motherboard 2

Graphics – here you can view info about your monitor (if you have got a desktop computer), i.e. its name, resolution, monitor width and height, etc. and installed graphic card, its manufacturer, model, GPU (i.e. Graphics Processor Unit) and many others. Additionally, you can see the temperature of your graphic card in real time.

Graphics 1

Graphics 2

Storage – in the HDDs and SSDs are held all your important files so you must take special care of them before it is too late. Info offered by Piriform Speccy about your drives is simply boundless. By means of the program you can view drive name, manufacturer, speed, capacity, SMART (short for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) attributes, (i.e. status, temperature in real time), partition ID, Disk letter, file system, size, etc.

Storage 1

Storage 2

Optical Drives – all optical drives which presented on the system are available in this section. You can find info about media type (DVD or CD writer, etc.), name, capabilities (for example, random access, etc.), read capabilities (CD-R, CD-RW, etc.), write capabilities (DVD-ROM, Blu-Ray, etc.) and some others.


Audio – all available sound cards, playback, and recording devices are listed here.


Peripherals – a lot of different devices are connected to the computer via USB ports; all such devices can be viewed in this section of the program, namely, keyboard, mouse, webcam, printer, and so on.


Network – in this section you can view your Network and Internet parameters, i.e. IP address, subnet mask, DNS server, link speed (in real time) and much more.


Find Item

If you want to get specific information of some component of the hardware and you do not know where to find it, you can take full advantage of this feature of the program. It is accessible through View menu or hotkey Ctrl + F. Just specify the name of desired item and click Find, the program will do the rest.


Save Results

The data obtained using Piriform Speccy can be saved on the computer. You can save it as XML and Text file on the one hand or print with the help of physical or virtual PDF printer.

The program also allows you to take snapshots of the system configuration and save it as .speccy extension which can be opened and viewed only in Speccy program. In addition, you have the possibility to publish your results to the Web. Just navigate to File menu tab and click Publish Snapshot. The program will provide you with the unique URL which can be opened in the browser and copied to the clipboard. You can share this URL address with your friends.


Publish 1

System Requirements

Windows XP – Windows 8.1

There are no minimum memory or hard drive requirements.


It remains to me to add that Piriform Speccy is an excellent program and those who want to get comfortable and free tool for high-quality information about their computer components must download and install it for sure.



1. The program provides you with detailed information of every component of the computer
2. You have the possibility to save results or publish them on the Web
3. It has a very simple and easy to use interface
4. It is completely free



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Speccy provides you with everything what you want to know of your computer

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