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30% OFF Spytech Coupon Codes & Discounts

30% OFF Spytech Coupon Codes & Discounts

by FileCriticJune 19, 2019

Whether you want to keep an eye on your employees or to ensure that your child is safe online, Spytech SpyAgent is the best computer monitoring spy software available today.  The application runs in stealth, and hence, is not detected by the user.

The program can record the user’s keystrokes to record exactly what they are typing.  You can set it to capture screenshots of the log entries. This is a good way to check who the employee or child is chatting with, or emailing, etc. You can even keep a log of all emails which are sent and received on your computer, along with their attachments. This includes not just email clients, but also webmail services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

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This includes monitoring chat conversations in IM apps, and the list of websites which the person visits, including the online searches which were made, how much time they spend on each website, etc. You can use Spytech SpyAgent with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and other browsers.

Similar to logging web activity, the program can also monitor and log the usage of third party applications, including how many times the applications were started, closed, and the exact time for which the user used the application. The program can log the time when the computer is used, or kept inactive, and when a usage session started or ended.

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You can also use Spytech SpyAgent to start recording the audio conversations using your computer’s microphone when some sound is detected, or the visual happenings near your computer’s area, like a security cam does. The screenshot tool can take snapshots at predefined intervals, and triggers for specific actions like mouse clicks too. All screenshots taken by the application can be viewed in slideshow format.

Every file downloaded, uploaded, opened, printed, are logged, even if the files were on portable storage drives.

Spytech SpyAgent is capable of blocking access to specific applications, and websites which may contain adult or gaming content. In case a user tries to access such content in a browser, mail, or chat, Spyagent will send you an email notification instantly.

Spytech SpyAgent is an excellent way to ensure that your kids computer usage is safe. If you want to use the application to keep employees from breaking your office’s rules.

You see, SpyAgent is a spy software that runs on your computer, and the user will have no idea that it is running. The software on the other hand, can see each and every activity of the user.

That’s right, everything from key presses, mouse clicks, the time the computer was used or was idle, to which applications the user accessed is monitored, and logged by SpyAgent.

Spytech SpyAgent can be set to monitor all internet activity on the PC, and log every letter and word which is typed in your computer’s browser, email clients, instant messengers, etc. This way, you can prevent your kids or employees from chatting with strangers, and also serves as a means to stop them from wasting time.

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The application logs down every website which the user visits, how long they were on a specific website, what their online searches were, what emails they got and sent (including the attachments), etc in webmail like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo too. In fact every file which is opened, closed, printed, etc is logged by the program.

Every log is searchable so you can quickly find the text that you need, and the program even highlights passwords.

You can also enable Spytech SpyAgent to automatically take screenshots from time to time, or by action triggers, such as when the mouse is clicked. The screenshot maker’s slideshow view us useful to view all snapshots like a video.

If your computer has a microphone and a webcam, you can set SpyAgent to capture the audio or visuals around the computer to protect your office environment from theives.

You can use Spytech SpyAgent to prevent access to adult websites, gaming portals, dating sites, etc, by manually filtering the network rules in the program. You can also configure similar rules for your email client, chat, etc. When such a rule has been set, and when a person tries to access the content, you will get an instant email notification from SpyAgent warning you about what happened.

Spytech SpyAgent is the best way to learn what your employees do, on their office computer. There are a lot of workplace rules, which forbid employees from accessing specific websites, or using some applications, to protect the privacy of clients and the company’s data.

It may not be possible to find what the employees use, if they are tech savvy and wipe the browser clean, before they leave the PC. The only way to ensure your office’s rules are not broken, is by monitoring them in real-time, and that is possible with Spytech SpyAgent.

The application records every key press, so you have a full record of what the employee types, regardless of the program they are using. SpyAgent is untraceable, so your user will not know that it is running in the background, and hence cannot close it.

This is perfectly ethical, because you will be informing the user that their office system is monitored, as per the official protocols.

You can use the program to get a list of all the websites they visit, check how much time they spent on each page, what they searched for, etc. SpyAgent can record all IM conversations, emails which are sent and received, not just in email programs, but also the webmail services accessed from the browser, and even the attachments which the mails contained.

Spytech SpyAgent can also be used as a website blocker, to prevent access to violent, adult, and other in-appropriate websites. So, you can use this application at work or at home, to keep children away from dangerous online content. The program will send you an email, the moment anyone tries to access a blocked website.

Spytech SpyAgent can record conversations from your computer’s microphone, and the video from the webcam for audio or video evidence.

You can use Spytech SpyAgent to see when the user logged in to the PC, how long they were active, when they logged off, and similarly find their application usage too. All logged entries by the program are searchable, while screenshots (if you enabled the option) can be viewed like a slideshow movie.