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Spytech SpyAgent Review

Spytech SpyAgent Review

by March 10, 2015

Spytech SpyAgent Review

Have you ever really would like to keep tabs on your kids or want to make sure employees are using computer for work related than just personal browsing? Spytech SpyAgent Stealth Edition has tools to help you monitor in silent and unknowingly by the user (or option to notify). Spytech SpyAgent monitors everything that goes on while user is using computer from keystrokes, internet connections, web cam, mouse clicks, etc.

spytech main

Spytech SpyAgent is easy to install and has two ways to install one if you are installing the Stealth Edition, this installs without mentioning or knowing that it installed and starts right away after installation. You also have the main installation that lets you select how you want to and be able to access it through menu system. If being installed on a system that you don’t want much info that Spytech is installed on that computer, it would be recommended to install the stealth edition.


When Spytech SpyAgent is installed it will prompt for password input so you can avoid Spytech SpyAgent from being closed or settings being changed without your permission. This few steps on installation is straight forward and easy to install within a minute and have it up and running including inputting password for settings.

Password Creation

With the type of Spytech SpyAgent installation you could come up with the setup wizard giving you an option of the type of installation if you want complete + Stealth configuration which installs with full and starts running afterward is stealth mode was selected, the complete just configures the options without running in stealth mode and typical just configures the common options. If you want to get all of the use and be able to know about everything going on while they use the computer you provided to your employees or kids the Complete + Stealth Configuration would be the best option for installation.

Setup Screen

If Spytech SpyAgent was installed without the Stealth edition the Main screen would pop up giving you the view of what you should expect to see when you run Spytech SpyAgent. You can leave Spytech SpyAgent as is and just click Start Monitoring on bottom left or configure Spytech SpyAgent using the right section or selecting program options. The main screen will show you the results after Spytech SpyAgent was run. Each section will provide you with every information that has gone while the computer was in use even every keystroke, windows view, etc.

spytech main

When you have a chance or want to set up Spytech SpyAgent, you can click on the right to configure the settings or click on program options to configure the same. It has quite the amount of settings to enable or disable depending on how you want Spytech SpyAgent to be configured.

The options gives you plenty with being able to select how the program runs, you can have a splash to let the user know that SpyAgent is running, and show password when typed.

If you want to get notified via email there are two option menus for the notifications one would be an alert notification letting you know if it detect something that you filtered, a spyware detection was found, if the monitor was shut down, and a keyword, or windows that you select was opened. This notifications would be send to your email that you input.

The other option would be email log deliver or also through ftp sending as well. This option lets you send the daily of everything that was logged. You can send the logs from keystrokes, computer usage, web cam, etc. This would let you bypass from having to get into the computer and just have it emailed. But if you want more detailed you will have to still manually enter to the computer that the program was started. You can also have the logs deleted after send confirmation.

If you want a manual way to retrieve logs, Spytech SpyAgent gives you the options to be able to via portable or removable drives. One thing for protection from anyone else from recovering logs is to authorize the drive that you will use and then select what you want to copy after the authorization was select. This lets you copy all logs, screenshots, and selecting to clear logs after sending.

remote log delivery

When you start stealth mode from the menu you are asked to input your password that you created and notified that when you want to enter menu again would be to click on Control+ALT+SHIFT+M to open which when done you’ll have to re-enter password. That pre setup key can be switched to what you want just in case someone tries to figure out how to get into Spytech SpyAgent program you have in computer. While running you don’t even know that it is running, it does not bog down the system and barely noticeable which is a good thing as this is something you might like for a monitoring program to act.

Stealth Mode


When you come back to the computer to see what has gone on and what your kids or employees has been up to. You just click on the shortcut keys mentioned earlier open up Spytech SpyAgent and just check the events.

You can easily view the events that occurred on that computer giving you about everything that happened like if you select the keystrokes you see each keystroke that occurred, the time and date that it occurred, application that was on use and screenshots. As you can see you even get the keystroke for the password to get into Spytech SpyAgent.

Depending on the log viewer you also can get the times of how long you used a certain application this would confirm how long they used it for if in case your kid was to not play for more than an hour but you go check Spytech SpyAgent and see that he was there for an hour or if he played for more than an hour and see if you restrict usage or warn him.

Results for Keystrokes

Which if in case you need to show you can print out reports. Spytech SpyAgent gives you some different ways to print out reports, one is the activity report shows every activity that happened including keystrokes on a particular activity. This could come in handy if you want to see the times and dates for each activity and be able to confirm. The activity report gives you reports of each event and time frame from when Spytech SpyAgent was started to when you opened to view Spytech SpyAgent.

activity report

The other report would be from popular activity reports, top 10 reports on each category, etc. These reports could give you what user was on the most time, what was the most popular program that they used, what was most visited website, and many more.

Popular Activity Report

Spytech SpyAgent in personal really is a bit more profound and would be useful for business use or personal use as well. If used for personal use, it could easily be used as an example if you kid is at an age where he really wants you to remove or limit parental control this could be another way to deal with that option as you still able to confirm that he or she is not going to something he shouldn’t and he is doing what he told you that he would do or the other way around.

Another example would be if in case you let employees have laptops but only for work purposes only but still want to give them a bit of freedom on still be able to check emails on off time but not to use computer for something they shouldn’t be, this could be another case to be able to make sure that the computer was in use as needed.

spytech after use

Spytech SpyAgent easy install plus with Stealth Edition you are able install it in silent with no way to uninstall without grabbing an uninstallation file and inputting password during uninstallation. It won’t even show on control panel add/remove, won’t show up in start menu, etc. Spytech SpyAgent bring you the resource to monitor your computers and make sure that it is used for the purpose you intended them to be used and could make sure that you confirm the user if they do something they should not have done.

System Requirements

  • Windows NT4, 200x, XP, Vista, 7, or 8
  • Pentium Class PC (133mhz or higher)
  • 3MB Hard disk space

•Email and Traffic Data Logging not supported for Dialup users


Easy installation
Invisible to the user
Monitors everything


Explanation of why program was installed to user after finding out.
Trade off: Need to make sure AV does not block program.

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Great to monitor the user if they are using a computer you provided. Provides the Main user the ability to view what user has used computer for and make sure it was used for the purpose it was intended for.

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