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Stardock releases Start10 for Windows 10, which brings back the Windows 7 Start Menu

Stardock releases Start10 for Windows 10, which brings back the Windows 7 Start Menu

by AshwinAugust 13, 2015

Stardock has released the final version of its app, Start10 for Windows 10.


The app had been in beta phase for around seven months.

The specialty of Start10, is that it brings back the Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows 10. Look at the above image, which shows you the default Start Menu of Windows 10 (on the left), and the Start10 Start Menu (on the right).

Frankly, I am not a huge fan of Windows 10’s Tiles, as I find them to be gigantic icons which waste a ton of screen space. You can unpin all the tiles to make the Start Menu somewhat cleaner, but it does seem clunky at times, especially the new way that the menu lists “All Apps”.

If you have just upgraded from Windows 7, you will know what I am talking about. So, Start10 is a superb alternative for the Start Menu. And just like other products from Stardock, Start10 also offers lots of customisation options.

You can also switch to a Modern Style or even the app’s Windows 10 Style Start Menu, and still customise it to your heart’s content. It lets you change the colour of your taskbar, its texture and even blur it. The app also has a lot of custom Start Buttons as well, which you can use to match a theme you have manually set in Windows 10.

Start10 offers the old “All Programs” shortcut to list apps in their own folders, as well as a shortcut for “Universal Applications” (such as Calendar, Mail, Edge, and many more). You can also pick a custom colour for the Start Menu’s background, and also choose to enable or disable translucency.

Start10 allows you to choose two Search options: the app’s built-in search, or use Microsoft’s Personal Digitial Assistant, Cortana.

Here is a video demo of Start10:



Start10 is not a free app, it costs $4.99. I think it is worth the money. The bad news is if you already own Start8, the predecessor Start Menu replacement for Windows 8, you cannot use it on Windows 10. But here is a bit of good news,  Start8 owners may be eligible for a discount on the price of Start10. (Refer to the Stardock website for more info).

Download Start10 and try the app free for 30 days, before deciding to loosen your purse strings, to beautify your Windows 10.

You can read my previous write up about Start10, which is one of my recommended Start Menu replacement apps for Windows 10.